Youshang Has Launched a New Motor Air Compressor Solution

On November 19, 2019, the leading semiconductor component distributor committed to the Asia Pacific market, Dalian United General Assembly holdings, announced that its Youshang launched a motor air compressor solution based on Italian French semiconductor (st) stm32f302r8t6.

Air purifier, also known as "air cleaner", "air freshener" and "purifier", is a product that can adsorb, decompose or transform various air pollutants (generally including decoration pollution such as PM2.5, dust, pollen, peculiar smell and formaldehyde, bacteria and allergens), so as to effectively improve air cleanliness. It is mainly divided into household, commercial, industrial and building use. The air purifier has a variety of different media and technologies. The commonly used air purification technologies include: adsorption technology, negative (positive) ion technology, catalysis technology, photocatalyst technology, super structure light mineralization technology, HEPA high-efficiency filtration technology and electrostatic dust collection technology. No matter what media and technology are used, it is inseparable from the motor to provide aerodynamic power.

Figure 1 - display board of the motor air compressor solution based on St products launched by the general United Nations and Youshang

X-nucleus-ihm07m1 is a three-phase brushless DC motor driver expansion board based on l6230 for STM32 nucleus. It provides an economical and easy-to-use solution for driving three-phase brushless DC motor in STM32 nucleus project. X-nucleus-ihm07m1 is compatible with ST morpho connector and supports adding other boards on a single STM32 nucleus board. Users can also install Arduino uno R3 connector. The driver l6230 used on the STM32 kernel board is a DMOS fully integrated driver for the three-phase brushless DC motor assembled in the powerso-36 assembly l6230pd, with overcurrent and thermal protection. Due to its independent current induction, l6230 driver is optimized for six steps and FOC algorithm. Using this development board, it can easily realize the vector control and FOC algorithm of Brushless DC motor. It is a good choice for applications such as air compressor and air purifier. This development board can be used to verify the software algorithm at the minimum cost. When the algorithm is mature, different power boards can be replaced to realize the rapid mass production and listing of products.

Youshang Has Launched a New Motor Air Compressor Solution 1

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