Would Circumcision at the Age of 19 a Good Idea? and Would It Make It Bigger?

would circumcision at the age of 19 a good idea? and would it make it bigger?

Would Circumcision at the Age of 19 a Good Idea? and Would It Make It Bigger? 1

No and no. Genital mutilation is terrible enough when it's done without any sort of pain relief on infants; it's actually dangerous and complicated when it's done on an adult. "Circumcision" (a nice way of saying cutting off part of your penis) will not make your penis look bigger

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Should I be ashamed for never having a job at age 19? Help a brotha out.?

You obviously feel ashamed, so what we think is irrelevant. SInce you do not need the money, you should not take a job away from someone who needs the money. So why do not you do volunteer work instead? Volunteer some place 20-30 hours a week. It will help you learn the work ethic and make a difference and you wo not have to feel guilty.

Would Circumcision at the Age of 19 a Good Idea? and Would It Make It Bigger? 2

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I want kids.... soon. age 19 almost 20. too soon?

Go ahead and breed if you can pay for your rent, food, insurance, car, gas, utilities, entertainment

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My violent father attacks both mom and myself at age 19 What are my options?

Do what Chris says, kick his ***

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how to get taller at da age of 19?

I will answer yours if you answer this.. What the hell has happened to the english language!!

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How do I become famous at the age of 19?

Ways in which teens can become famous:Being born in a rich familyBeing born a prodigyBeing good looking and charismaticBeing on tik tokBeing on YouTube or InstagramDoing social work and social awarenessWriting on quora or creating a blogIt is not going to be easy, nor it is impossible.If you faith in yourself and desire for what you want you can get what you want.And, keep dreaming!

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I left home last night in the family van, age 19, said a prayer and saw "Jesus Saves" on a van I parked by?

you missed the rest of it it said Jesus saves ....you from your own insanity because he isnt real to begin with.Yeah yeah I know long *** sentence written on a van but they had the money to afford the letters so theres your explanation.

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Advice on Moving out at age 19?

Hey!! First of all, I am really sorry for what is happening... I cannot imagine how would it feel to be treated like that by your own FAMILY!! But anyway, I think you are doing great in moving out, is the best thing for you... but there is a problem... You have to think about different things, the ones you mentioned are just a few of them!! I guess you work, so hopefully you have some money saved. .. since you are planning on moving north. . I think you are going to have to find another job, and well you have to be sure that you are going to have some earnings... if not then is going to be tough. You need to keep in mind, that you are going to have to pay rent, and utilities, also pay for food, and other expenses you might have... i think is best for you to look for relatives who can help you, because living in your own is difficult!! So keep all of these things in mind, and if you really need to move out, like I said, try to look for relatives or friends, it will be easier that way. .. GOOD LUCK!! and if you need anything do not hesitate to e-mail me... Take care!!

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Is it possible to grow at age 19, going on 20?

Nope you can't get taller

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How can I remember to have the right posture all the time? I have a nerd neck and hump to fix. Can I still do it at age 19?

I am 29 and still struggle with my posture, but not nearly as much. I run, do yoga, and rock climbing. I will say that if you start with at least the running and the yoga, you will not only see improvements in your posture, but you will get even better at being a nerd. Cardio is magic. I once read a software developer state on his blog that he considered running a part of his job responsibility due to the increased mental clarity and focus and grit that it confers. I agree with this very enthusiastically. You will brain better, and most aspects of your life will improve if you make exercise as much a part of your life as eating and sleeping. It's just something you gotta do

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