Why Should You Have Your Car Converted to an Electric Car

It makes it zero emission vehicle - nothing comes out from the pipe and you do not stress the environment - even if your electricity comes from a coal plant it's still a lot of more green solution than hybrid, gasoline or diesel vehicle.. .And driving costs $0.01/mile so it's basically free of charge to use. There's almost no need of maintenance: no oil change, less need of spare parts etc.. .Remember that oil is running out and soon the price will jump sky-high - the gasoline price has already started climbing.

Why Should You Have Your Car Converted to an Electric Car 1

Why does DUH-bya hate Mother Earth?, to disrespect your environment is bit psychopathic, wouldn't you agree?

The only thing Dubya and his daddy have been concerned with all along is protecting their oil interests. We should not be shocked that he is neglecting the environment. He's too busy running daddy's war.

What differnce does energy saving light bulbs make?

They only save the environment, not your money. The energy saving light bulbs cost much more than incandescent light bulbs. Yes, they last much longer, but because they last so long, the money you save over the life of the bulb, is not seen as a savings on your electric bill. (Believe me, I've tried to find the savings!) The energy saving bulbs emit much less carbon than incandescents and that is the main reason they were made. If we do not do something about carbon emissions from every source, the depleting ozone will have us burning up before we know it! And by that point, it wo not matter how much heat the incandescents give off.

Why Should You Have Your Car Converted to an Electric Car 2

What is the worst impact to the environment that humans have created.?

I think that cars/vehicles are one of the biggest negative impacts to the environment. Not only do they pollute the air, countryside has to get torn up so more roads can be built

What impact does the petrochemistry industry have on the environment? ?

making petrol cleaner for the environment, new chemicals to make petrol. not leaking fuel out of boats and killing marine life or starting fires ontop of oceans. like oil kills fish and dolfins. cars, would kill the plant and animal life like birds if spilt. maybe hoping to correct that problem.

Anyone want to discuss the Living Environment Regents 2008 answers with me?

1. i dont really remember but it was the one with like mice crickets and something else...no autotrophs 2. yup 3. yup yup bc the conclusion is supposed to be a FACT...or what is expressed from the experiment not on your hypothesis 4. yup 5. yup 6. i think i said that 7. i think it was choice C. 8. blahh i dont remember 9. this one i had noooo clue!! i said like 2 answers. haha i said they are unable to photosynthesize and the household items cant decompose so itll be bad for the environment or something haha

What is a "green" way of disposing of cigarette butts?

You could burn them? Just do not let it get near any lake,streams, or creeks. The chemicals get in the water and poison the fish. Just dispose of them in a way that wo not get dumped back in the environment.

Should I STOP using my HAIR SPRAY???

Most hairsprays today do not contain the cfc's they did 20 years ago. If your concerned use a pump hair spray. You will have better control, it's safe for the environment and some actually have protectants for your hair. It will also help you control the spray so you do not breathe it

How is it that the U.S.A. is the ONLYindustrialized country to NOT sign the Kyoto Protocol?20yrs intl.research?

Because the U.S.A knows that if under the Kyoto Protocol, it achieve the goals of the treaty, but it would have to take some major sacrifice. It would involve reducing the addiction to oil and force America to be more dependable on alternate energies. Many other countries have ratified the treaty and they are doing just fine. Economy or Environment. Both are feasible because they are so many alternate energies that it is possible to use these energies to fully sustain the energy demand of America instead of adhering to oil lobbyists and corporations. Plus, using environment friendly energies would not only help the environment, but it would potentially put a lot of people to work in supporting this movement.

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