Which Is Better CAT Or MAT?

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Which Is Better CAT Or MAT? 1

1. GATE/PSU/M.Tech (Technical) vs. CAT/Mat/C-MAT(MBA): What competition is there for both? What are the chances?

Let's start with a bit of cricketing trivia.Rohit Sharma in his first 40 matches had an average of 27 and a batting strike rate of just 70 in ODIs. It very well looked that his career was a lost cause . But his performance changed suddenly as he started opening the batting. Another example of such a shift might be KL Rahul who shifted to number 5 from being an opener and at least for the limited matches he has performed very well.I hope you got the point that even a great talent would be wasted if he is playing/ working / appearing for wrong position/ exam. Now coming to your question, the competition and the chances do not matter much until and unless you are comfortable with your skill. An opening order batsman can rarely become a good middle order batsman. Same goes for you. If you are one those technical geeks I do not think you will fit into IIMs or vice versa you are a born salesman I do not think you are going to gain much from M. tech. So how to break the deadlock? Since you are an engineer, I want you to seriously consider your interest in the subject. Talk to people pursuing M.tech from IITs or in PSU jobs. If this interests you then go for it. The reason being competition would much lesser in GATE compared to CAT. By competition I do not mean just the number of people but the quality of competition . CAT is a much more competitive exam as even IITians/ NITians /SRCC people do attempt it seriously. For GATE this is not that true as there will be only be few from IITs who would be interested in PSU ( Mechanical or Civil most of the times). Even in NITs computer or circuit branches people do get a job in IT and they just fill the form as they do not have much to do in final year. ( Some of my friends with 15 LPA job filled the form as institution was funding the GATE exam fees if they just qualify the cut off).But if you do not feel any affection for your own branch I would say suggest irrespective of the competition to make a switch.I hope this helps. Please upvote if you like...!!!The fourth Idiot.

2. can i use a pilates mat for yoga?

It's fine. The mat is for cushion and to help keep your feet/hands from sliding in certain positions (as they tend to do when you do yoga on carpet). The requirements are not that strict. If you already have a mat, use it. If it does not work for you then buy one that works better. Yoga mats are also often called "sticky mats" so just make sure you are able to keep your hands/feet in place. The only time mine slip when I am doing yoga is if I've gotten my hands sweaty....at that point, no kind of mat stops that (ya just have to dry them off)

Which Is Better CAT Or MAT? 2

3. What can i make a wrestling mat out of ?

They do use foam for some wrestling matches in some companies. I think lots of rugs would be decent enough.

4. Antistatic mat , how it works?

The wrist strap (connected to the mat) ensures that you and the electronics (which are on the map) are on the same potential level. Without a difference in level, there's no discharge.That's all cool, but it only allows the small local system (you mat electronics) to be on the same level. That other guy next to you might be on some entirely different level. If he touched your stuff, things could still fry. If all mats are on ground level, they are all on the same level.

5. does anyone have an insight on this scripture Mat. 15:21 to29?

I agree it does sound contrary to the rest of his teachings, but as you know I am sure Jesus was first commissioned by God to preach to the nation of Israel as they were originally his chosen people. Whilst Jesus was on earth this was the focus of his preaching. It was not until after his resurrection that the disciples were told to make disciples of the Gentile (or pagan) nations. When this poor women came to Jesus pleading for help for her daughter he at first refused her saying "It is not right to take the bread of the children (meaning God's children, the nation of Israel at that time) and throw it to little dogs." Jesus had the responsiblity towards God his father to feed the Israelite nation firstly, however his godly compassion was moved when this dear woman humbly said "Yeas Lord; but really the little dogs do eat of the crumbs falling from the table of their masters". What faith and humility! How Jesus was moved to help this poor lady and her daughter! This shows 2 things. 1. That Jesus always follows the instructions of his father and 2. Where there is an obvious need, Godly love and Justice prevails. Just as when Jesus was told not to heal on the sabbath etc. Jesus is a perfect reflection of his father Jehovah and he can always see the heart even when man cannot

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