What Should I Wear Tommoro?????????

the baby blue summer dress

What Should I Wear Tommoro????????? 1

1. Planting schedule by season?

You must mean "what season you are in". It's summer right now, late summer. If you google "zone 8 planting schedule", you will find sites with charts. The fig and cherry should be planted in the fall. Can you even grow a banana tree there? If so, I think you would want to plant that next spring, so it has warm weather to establish itself in. Same with the kiwi. All the other things should be planted next spring, I would say, except peppermint which is pretty sturdy and could be planted now. Forget the pineberries for now. I just read that they wo not be available in North America until 2014 and I would bet you will not find them at your local garden centre. If you are a new gardener, you may be biting off more than you can chew. It's a common mistake.Some of the things you want to grow need considerable preparation--the kiwi, for instance, may need a very sturdy support of some kind.

2. how to make a ketchup using a squash can you help me?

Farmer's Market Potato - Leek Soup Very Easy . . ! 2 1/2 pounds potatoes cut-up into equal pieces.boiled in water until tender and then drained. Add to a pot 7 cups of water, 2 Knorrs vegtable bullion cubes, 3 leeks thoroughly cleaned ,use the white part only. Cut up the leeks into 3 inch pieces. add the cooked potatoes, salt and white pepper to taste and 3 bay leafs. (The bay leaves must be removed before the final blending). Cook it in mild simmer for 30 minutes. Then use a boat blender or pour into a regular blender, blend until smooth. Stir in 12 oz. heavy cream (1 1/2 cups) It's easy delicious, I make it all the time. I live in New Jersey, The Garden State, I prefer the JERSEY FRESH purple potatoes that I get from the farmer's market in the summer time, but store bough Yukon Gold are almost as good.

What Should I Wear Tommoro????????? 2

3. This or that ?

warm or cold-cold summer or winter-winter coke or pepsi-coke gum or candy-gum long or short-short hard or soft-soft bike or scooter-scooter family guy or simpsons-family guy light or dark-dark cheerios or apple jacks-cheerios loud or quiet-quiet red or blue-blue green or yellow-yellow pink or purple-purple night or day-night happy or sad-happy fun or boring-fun this or that-this mean or nice-nice hello or goodbye-hello spain or italy-italy usa or canada-usa stripper shoes or construction boots-construction boots good or bad-good

4. How much sun does your garden have?

Mapping the shade in your landscape is a very useful tool in landscape design. If you want to succeed in your garden endeavors, you are going to need to know where you have sun and where you do not . Mistake Number TWO: Seeing shade and believing that space is shady. Just because you notice sun or shade on a parcel of land does not mean that this area will be hospitable to plants that prefer sun to shade or vice versa. Why, you ask? FACT ONE: The sun moves from sunrise (east) to sunset (west) In the northern hemisphere (New England in particular), the height of the sun (or solar altitude) is changing roughly 50 degrees in relation to the horizon over the year. So this means the sun is far higher in the sky in the summer (creating shorter shadows) than in the winter (longest shadows). Starting in the winter, the solar altitude increases through spring and peaks in summer. Then it begins to decrease through autumn to its lowest point in the winter sky. Where you live on the globe matters! So if you are reading this and you are from Australia...do not trust my information. Having never been to Australia or below the equator, I have no business giving information on the sun. It's not wildly different...you have the same sun after all, but as to the reality of rise/set and angles, you might want to go to a better source. Click on this link to a well-written article on PhysicalGeography.com and read about Earth-Sun Geometry. Incorporating the two above facts about the sun when you dive into garden planning will help you understand how the sun's rays impact your garden. If you had no trees, no house, no garage or any other structure that could cast shade, this information would be enough. The truth is most of us have some dwelling that will cast shade. Many of us have trees, too. If we do not ...then our neighbors certainly do. By creating a simple map of your shade, you will get a clearer picture of the true level of sun exposure in your garden. To do this right, you need to do it at least twice in the year - once in the summer and once in the spring or fall. If you really want to understand your exposure, map in all four seasons at the equinox and solstice. Using graph paper, lay out the buildings and large trees on your property. Do not worry about being totally exact, but be mindful with spacing and relative sizes. With your map in hand, visually watch and map the shade pattern by checking the yard at 9am, noon, and 3pm. This will give you three points to connect to make the arc of shade movement. The more objects, the more shade - note the overlapping that occurs. The denser the object, the denser the shade - house shade is totally dense, trees with big leaves have denser shade than trees with small leaves. Deciduous plants (ones that lose their leaves) cast a denser shade when they are in full leaf and a light shade when they are leafless. Notice leaf size, too! My map here shows morning sun in yellow, noon sun in green, and afternoon sun in blue. You can see that there is considerable overlap between tree shade and house shade. As much as I want a sunny back yard, this map proves I have a part shade to full shade environment. At best, I have a few small pockets of part sun. Now I know that eliminating lawn and moving toward more shade tolerant plant choices is the way to go.

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