What Kind of Tank, Filtration System, Heater, Gravel, Decorations, Etc. Do I Need for My Beta Fish?

What kind of tank, filtration system, heater, gravel, decorations, etc. do I need for my beta fish?

What Kind of Tank, Filtration System, Heater, Gravel, Decorations, Etc. Do I Need for My Beta Fish? 1

A 2.5 gallon tank will be fine. You can get the "kit" tanks in that size pretty cheaply and they will include an undergravel filter. As long as you turn the light on pretty regularly and do not put it near any major drafts, you wo not need a heater

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Can I expect an improved weekend shop experience from installing an air filtration system?

Peace of mind really. I've got one, way over spec would for my shop size and it does a really good job of picking up the dust (based on the crap I have to clean out of it). But generally the dust was not too noticeable before hand anyway until it had had some time to build up. MDF etc I make an effort to cut outside and you should always be wearing a mask anyway. For me, the filter was more for family and the rest of the house - stops the dust from migrating through the house and messing up everybody elses lungs.So from a practical stand point, the shop seems no cleaner (still get piles of shavings etc on the floor) and it has not changed my work flow (i still wear a mask, and cut MDF outside if possible), but a large chunk of the fine particulate is (presumably) no longer floating around

What Kind of Tank, Filtration System, Heater, Gravel, Decorations, Etc. Do I Need for My Beta Fish? 2

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How can I get better circulation in my fish tank without getting new filtration system?

I have a 20g tall tank so I do understand what you are talking about. I have a 23" bubble wall running along the back of the tank and a filter rated for 20-40g, so I was able to get better circulation that way. I can see the amazon swords in my tank swaying in the current, but I also see that they are not fighting the strength of the current either. If you either have an air pump or can get one the bubble wall piece I bought was less than $10, it has suction cups to hold it to the back of the tank, but also having a few air stones through the tank will help move the water around, fortunately accessories for an air pump are fairly inexpensive.

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Until I can affaord a complete filtration system for my home which is from $2k - 5K, I need a filter for well?

Orange hair looks great on your Avitar- Anyway, you are getting rust from the galvanized pipes that take the well water to the house. Replacing the pipes would solve that, but a little rust never hurt anyone. Iron oxide is a nutrient. a shower filter can be bought through airmall, which is the travel industry's marketing magazine found in airplanes. You might spend $100.

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What size of pump and PSI would be ideal to pump seawater up 20ft through a filtration system to convert to potable water?

Without seeing what you are trying to do I couldnu2019t give you any particilars. Any time you are pumping up hill, you will be loosing pressure, especially 20 up hill and pushing it through the filtration system, you may have to go as much as 4 to 5 times the pump size than if you could reroute the way to the filter, unless time isnu2019t a factor. Is it possible to move your filter to a more even level?, itu2019s going to cost you, itu2019s not cheap. A lot of pumps only have so much lift, but once you get it leveled out, they can move on. The first thing I would do is find a pump with a lift of 20 feet, that can then run fast, it might be pretty hard to find.What size of pump and PSI would be ideal to pump seawater up 20ft through a filtration system to convert to potable water?.

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"Filtration" system

The original "filtration camp" system, run by the Soviet Union's NKVD, was established in 1945 for Soviet citizens that have been previously held prisoner by Germans during World War II. More than four million former Soviet POWs and civilian internees (mostly former forced laborers for Germany) went through hundreds of such "filtration camps" (sometimes also referred to as "control-filtration camps", "screening-filtration camps" or "verification-filtration camps") during the late 1940s. The term "filtration point" re-appeared during the First Chechen War as name of the facilities illegally created for the purpose of holding the persons detained by the federal forces in the course of an operation "to restore constitutional order" on the territory of Chechen Republic in 1994-1996. During the Second Chechen War, beginning in 1999, some of the "filtration" facilities got legitimate status of investigative isolators (SIZO) subordinated to the Ministry of Justice and temporary detention isolators (IVS) subordinated to the Interior Ministry, but with an unclear legal status and no apparent basis in the criminal code of the Russian Federation. According to the Russian human rights group Memorial, "by the most modest estimations", the overall number of those having passed through the established and ad hoc "filtration points" reaches at least 200,000 people (out of Chechnya's population of less than one million), of whom "practically all" have been subjected to beatings and torture, and some were summarily executed. According to Memorial, the purpose of the "filtration" system in Chechnya, besides being part of the general state terror system for suppression and intimidation of the population, was to create a network of informers through the enforced recruitation, and was characterised by its non-selectivity, that is by arbitrary arrests and mass detentions of innocent people. In October 2000, Human Rights Watch (HRW) published its 99-page investigative report "Welcome to Hell", detailing how Russian troops have detained thousands of Chechens, "many of them were detained arbitrarily, with no evidence of wrongdoing. Guards at detention centers systematically beat Chechen detainees, some of whom have also been raped or subjected to other forms of torture. Most were released only after their families paid large bribes to Russian officials." HRW noted that despite the European Union-sponsored United Nations Commission on Human Rights resolution urging Russia to launch a national commission of inquiry that would establish accountability for abuse, the Russian authorities did not launch any "credible and transparent effort to investigate these abuses and bring the perpetrators to justice."

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