What Is the Role of Huawei Account on Huawei Mobile Phone

Now most smart phones need to log in to an account. Apple phones can't be used normally even without an account, because it involves the security of mobile phones.

During the first startup of Huawei mobile phone, you will be prompted to log in or create a Huawei account. Its main functions are:

1. In case of emergency, you can locate or even retrieve your mobile phone. After Huawei mobile phone logs in the account, you can turn on the "find my mobile phone" function. In this way, if the mobile phone is accidentally lost, you can also locate the last position of the mobile phone in the map through the web page of Huawei cloud space to help the owner find the mobile phone. If you really can't find the mobile phone, you can lock the mobile phone through remote control, or even clear all the data in the mobile phone, so as to avoid disclosing private data after the mobile phone is picked up by others.

2. Back up important data to the cloud. After Huawei mobile phone logs in to the account, you can use Huawei cloud space service. Although the free attached cloud space is very small, it is more than enough to save key data such as mobile phone address book, SMS record and memo. In this way, even if the mobile phone is accidentally lost, you can log in to the Huawei account through Huawei cloud space to retrieve the address book, SMS, memo and other information of the mobile phone, so as to avoid further losses caused by the loss of the mobile phone.

After purchasing and expanding Huawei cloud space, you can also back up the photos taken by the mobile phone to the cloud. In this way, all Huawei mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, smart screens and other devices logged in to the same account can share and view the photos in the cloud. After the photos are backed up to the cloud, only thumbnails can be kept locally, so as to save valuable storage space of the mobile phone.

3. Family sharing. Huawei mobile phone accounts can also add friends to each other. If multiple families use Huawei mobile phones at the same time, they can turn on the "family sharing" function after adding friends to each other. Through family sharing, you can share the photos taken by each family (you need to put the photos in the shared directory), which is very convenient.

4. Enjoy various value-added services. Huawei mobile phone has a "service" app. You can enjoy some convenient services after logging in to your account. For example, when the mobile phone is damaged or the battery needs to be replaced, you can book the nearest maintenance center through the "service" app and enjoy a transparent maintenance price. In addition, the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday of each month are "Huawei member day". If you make an appointment to replace the battery through the service function, you can enjoy free labor cost. Generally, you can change an official original battery for 99 yuan. In addition, there is a free film service. Some Huawei mobile phones can also experience the public beta version of the emui system through the "upgrade and taste" function of the service app.

In general, the account function of Huawei mobile phone is very useful. Although Huawei mobile phones can be used without logging in an account, it is very necessary to register an account if you want to enjoy these convenient functions.


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Huawei account is the "pass" of Huawei's mobile services. Its function is similar to Apple's appleid. It can synchronize between different devices. For example, Huawei's mobile phones, tablets and watches use the same account to synchronize resources.

1. Synchronization function

After creating a Huawei account, the Huawei cloud space is automatically opened, and contacts, clocks, memos, etc. can be backed up. After we change our mobile phone, we don't need to add contacts again, but we can directly synchronize these information.

2. Login function

Once we have created a Huawei account, we can use this account to access all services provided by Huawei, such as music store, wallet, pollen mall, etc., and enjoy various rights and interests of Huawei mobile phone members, such as applying for emui system internal test, rapid maintenance, etc.

3. Mobile phone retrieval

If the mobile phone is lost, we can "retrieve" the mobile phone through the Huawei account at the first time, log in to Huawei cloud service with the computer, find the function of [mobile phone retrieval], and then we can view the location of the mobile phone, lock the device, clear the data, etc.

4. Huawei account opening method

With more and more mobile services provided by Huawei, Huawei accounts will integrate mobile services such as friends, messages, push and payment. Therefore, it is very necessary to bind a Huawei account with a Huawei mobile phone.

Using a Huawei mobile phone, open [settings], [Huawei account] and [registration] successively, and we can log in and have a Huawei account.

In short, Huawei accounts are used to uniquely identify users and use various services provided by Huawei. Because Huawei attaches importance to hardware, the software ecology is not as good as apple. The role of Huawei account is not as important as apple ID. many people may ignore the existence of Huawei account.

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