What Do You Like Best on Your Feet?

What do you like best on your feet?

What Do You Like Best on Your Feet? 1

i would rate the 5 as my number 1-the 3 as my 2 and the 1 as my 5

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Does or did your feet hurt???

more than likely its time for a new pair of shoes...your best bet would be to go with running shoes and remember that the you get what you pay for with shoes...you might also want to talk with your doctor to make sure you do not have something wrong with your foot. ...but my guess is that your shoes are just worn down and you need a new pair of good running shoes

What Do You Like Best on Your Feet? 2

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Is it necessary to first strengthen the calves muscles before attempting to run on the balls of my feet?

If you try to run on them while having your body straight up or leaning back a little, it would be pretty impossible for anybody

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How do toe separators help your feet?

Toe stretchers and separators are devices that sit between your toes and spread, stretch and exercise the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints of the toes. ... Additionally, toe separators have the ability to improve circulation, realign joints and straighten bent toes,

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What Does It Mean To Be Street Smart?

Street smart = slick and quick to think on your feet like me, ghetto patel

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What do your feet look like in pantyhose?

I Love Pantyhose!

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what's wrong with sitting with your feet in a chair?

If a guest came to your house and put his bare feet on the coffee table, what would you think? I definitely agree this was inappropriate. It does not matter where you are, you need to treat it like it's someone else's house. I would not put my bare feet on a chair or a coffee table in someone else's house; would you? But I think the problem is somewhere else. You said she first looked at your feet and gave you a disgusted look. Why did not you consider that that was enough of an indication that your feet did not belong there? You left them there knowingly, and then, when the woman actually needed to tell you to remove your feet, you complain about her attitude. The whole problem is that even if you had not known that this was inappropriate, you refused to accept the signs others gave you to tell you it was. That is the definition of being rude.

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Kinda personal, but how do you make your feet not stink when you wear flip flops?

Do not use deodorant... It's the bacteria that is making your feet stink. You need to keep both your feet and your flip flops clean of bacteria. Wash your feet and rinse your flip flops (even with just water) each time you are done wearing them. Also, you can use alcohol and wipe them down-- that will kill the bacteria that makes the stench you smell. You can even use alcohol on material that can not get wet

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What are some things to focus on while practicing tennis serves?

Toss and swing through. Service motion. In practice get your footwork right and then when you are playing do not think about your feet, that will just come naturally. Do not chase bad tosses.

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does anyone know of something that will help your feet smell good?

do your feet stink or just your shoes? you could give yourself a foot soak and clean them well and get a foot deoderizer spray that should help your feet also do you wear socks? that can make an effect for your shoes- get some gold bond medicated foot powder you could try baby powder but use the cornstarch kid.. it hleps absorb if that doesnt work get the gold bond (or a store brand that is like gold bond brand) and shake a lil in your shoes everytime you wear them .. should solve your problem.. my mom always used that stuff when she wore her "dress" type shoes for work cuz she had to wear nylons too wich seemsd to make it worse sometimes and when she did this she could go hours with not problems just try not to use a ton of youll be squishing powder out of your shoes as you walk

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