What Do You Do When You Have too Short of Wires Protruding Out of the Box to Work With?

i m not going to really answer,just give input.there are many ways to join two wires by the nec.split bolt with rubber tape, tap connector,insulated in-line splicer. insulated butt connectors,uninsulated set screw butt splice,b-taps,even direct burial splice kit.my point is,there are to many people doing repairs in places that that should not be done.I've seen to many taps and splices in walls , attics,with and without boxes,that future trouble shooting of circuits cost more than doing it right the first time. in my opinion ,residential is more dangerous than industrial because of shade tree electricians and the unknown

What Do You Do When You Have too Short of Wires Protruding Out of the Box to Work With? 1

1. Draw ASCII boxes in boxes

Input is a column vector [a; b; c]. Output uses characters 2, 1, 0.Try it online!As an aside, it works for up to ten boxes, not just three. Here's an example with five boxes

2. TV Cable Problems with Connecting with Channels 23 and up?

The following assumes you have a simple digital-to-analog converter box on *each* TV provided by T-W. Comcast has a similar box, called the DTA. T-W probably has another name for it. It's for receiving digital channels from the cable on an old analog TV. If that's not your type of "box," edit your question with full details. Those types of boxes ordinarily connect to a TV via its antenna jack. You put the TV on channel 3 and leave it there permanently. You only change channels on the cable box. If your cable boxes are all from T-W and have all been properly initialized, they should all work the same way. If they do not , and if you've properly connected them to the TV, then it's time to call Customer Service for help. Some people make the mistake of trying to change channels using the TV's tuner. You cannot do that with any cable box, regardless of its type. Your tuner only selects the channel if it's connected to an antenna or to basic cable without a box. ------------------- Followup per the answer from Khalil ("Orphan Ant"). Sorry, but that is very wrong. If your T-W boxes are connected as explained above, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your cables, and there is no "antenna" involved in your equipment configuration. If you have a digital converter connected to each of your 5 TVs, they should all work the same. If you have some other configuration, you need to edit your question so that we can give you a better answer.

What Do You Do When You Have too Short of Wires Protruding Out of the Box to Work With? 2

3. what happenes in a kickboxing class?

Boxes get kicked. Not very exciting

4. Probability estimates for "beans & boxes”

Your problem falls under the general category of "coupon collector's problems". There is a large literature on such problems, mainly concerned with formulas for the mean and variance of the random variable $T$.The exact distribution of the time $T$ to have at least one bean ($N=1$) in each box is known in terms of Stirling numbers of the second kind: see Henry's answer here, or below $$P(mbox every box has at least one bean after T mbox seconds) = P^-T P ! leftlbrace Tatop P


brace.$$ In general, I think you should take Alekk's advice and use the Poisson approximation.

5. Can you send boxes to PO boxes?

Depends on the size of po box and what service you are using. I know fedex wo not deliver to po boxes

6. Do I have to wash my gerbil's cage every week?

Hi there, I clean my gerbil's cage out every couple of weeks because it does not smell, it does not get old and mouldy and the gerbil (as you say) makes a nice nest for himself* and it is not that nice to destroy it. It's fine to leave it a few weeks, unless it starts to smell. * made of the cardboard he chews up - remember gerbils love chewing up toilet rolls and boxes and this helps to make their bedding so this is one of their top toy priorities! HOPE I HELPED!

7. Do you actually recycle to help the world?

I recycle stuff like boxes and glass and cans, as well as the garden clippings go on the compost heap

8. where can I get a lot of free boxes?

A few have already mentioned grocery stores, which can be great if you time it right. Problem is, they break them down and compact them so fast it can be tough to find any in usable condition. Liquor stores are a great place to get boxes. They often keep a large stash on hand for people who buy too much to fit in a bag, and they will give you some if you ask.

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