What Are the Earphones for Running Without Mobile Phone? Bluetooth Earphones with Memory Are Recomme

I don't know if everyone feels like me that outdoor sports are really cured. Every holiday, I find a chance to relax. Personally, I think good equipment will make us have a better sense of experience in outdoor sports and a stronger sense of happiness in life. For me who love listening to music and sports, Bluetooth headsets have experienced many styles. If you are still worried that you can't find a Bluetooth headset suitable for outdoor sports, let me recommend some easy-to-use sports Bluetooth headsets for you.

1. Nanka runner Pro bone conduction headset

Highlight: the 16mm large moving coil unit is selected for the South Carolina runner pro, which can bring a more surging and shocking sound experience than many real wireless headphones. When you plug your ears with sponge earplugs, you will even have some open listening feeling similar to a small stereo. At the same time, Nanka is the top 1 brand of domestic bone conduction. It also has the exclusive ot leakage reduction 2.0 technology. The South Carolina runner Pro can reduce the leakage by 90%, so as to better ensure that the sound quality experience is excellent enough.

Protection grade: seamless injection molding design is adopted as a whole. At the same time, the traditional charging interface is cancelled, but replaced by magnetic suction charging interface. In addition, a layer of anti-oxidation nano coating is added on the chip surface, which has reached the ipx8 professional waterproof and sweat proof level as a whole.

Wearing experience: the overall body is made of titanium alloy, which is both durable and very light. Therefore, the overall weight of the headset is only 33g. The wearing comfort is very good, but also relatively stable. It will not be easily displaced during exercise.

2. Sanier B20 bone conduction earphone

Highlight: This entry-level bone conduction headset is a domestic brand, which is not very well-known, but it is still very attentive in the use of materials. It uses a large 16g memory, which can put in 4000 songs

Usage experience: Bluetooth 5.0 16g memory can be used in a variety of different scenarios. The headset also supports ipx8 level waterproof, but it is not very good to deal with the common problem of bone conduction "sound leakage". As long as you are not concentrating on doing your own things, you can definitely hear people wearing music. It's good to wear. Like ordinary bone conduction, it's worn by hanging ears.

3. Shaoyin as700 MP3 bone conduction headset

Highlight: Although aftershokz as700 xtrainerz is an MP3 player, its shape is similar to that of neck mounted headphones. If the songs are not required to be updated at any time, this bone conduction is still very good. 4G memory is 8-level waterproof and can be worn when swimming. There is no Bluetooth function. It can be played locally for daily use.

Wearing experience: the inner side is also made of silica gel, which is closer to the skin than the outer side. The appearance is also different. Some embellishments are added, which looks like the starry sky at night. During rope skipping, wear headphones to listen to music. The as700 xtrainerz adopts the ear hanging type, and the connecting bracket has good elasticity and wrapping, which can be stably fixed on both sides of the head. Although there is still slight up and down shaking in the process of jumping, it is not allowed to worry about falling or affect the listening feeling.

4. Newman ge03 bone conduction Bluetooth headset

Highlight: Although this Newman ge03 is an entry-level bone conduction, it is still an MP3 Bluetooth headset with its own memory. If the bone conduction of Nanka is too expensive, or you don't plan to use it for a long time, just taste it fresh. This is very good and has a great endurance. It can be recharged in about five days

Use experience: a single use can reach a life of 6 hours, ipx5 waterproof. There are 8g and 16g options, so you can avoid the trouble of carrying your mobile phone when running. Sound quality. Don't ask too much for this price. It's enough to listen.

What Are the Earphones for Running Without Mobile Phone? Bluetooth Earphones with Memory Are Recomme 1

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