Virgin!!!!!!!!!! in Need of Advice =]?

virgin!!!!!!!!!! in need of advice =]?

Virgin!!!!!!!!!! in Need of Advice =]? 1

well, if your totally scared you will bleed on his bed, start putting things in your you-know-what and eventually start putting bigger and bigger . just not completely huge . and if you bleed you will bleed in your own privacy and it wo not hurt bad when you have sex with him . and

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What do you think of the late Michael Jackson?

MJ: inspirational to many fans and other performers strange looking after the numerous cosmetic surgeries an original phenomenally well-known kinda creepy, letting young boys sleep in his bed when he was in his 40s . . . and now, hopefully, at peace. : )

Virgin!!!!!!!!!! in Need of Advice =]? 2

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What is the 'naughtiest' thing you have done while on vacation with your girlfriend?

We were vacationing in the caribbean with one other friend. The three of us shared one hotel room with two small beds. My girlfriend and I had been trying to get some alone time for the first few days but to no avail. Finally one afternoon we came back from hiking and were lying in bed. The other friend was on his bed just a few feet away. GF had a skirt on and it soon became apparent there was nothing under it. She was lying next to me under the blanket with one leg over my hip. With utmost stealth she got my member out and maneuvered it into her. We just kind of sat there without much motion other than some twitching and pulsating. Soon she shuddered and I could feel her contractions, which set off my own release of several full pumps of hot load. We were silent and motionless the whole time, and I do not think our friend ever found out.

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Go to sleep with him then transport him to his bed. I still co sleep at 20 months

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Where does your dog sleep?

His bed in the kitchen and other in the dining room

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My son has a weird sleep habit, do you have any advice?

Yes Dont ever let a baby sleep on their stomach. Try holding him until he falls asleep then place him in his bed on his back. Thats what I did

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How to stop 1-yr old from kicking us while sleeping

My son is 4. We still co-sleep (one adult bed with his bed adjoining -- he can climb over when he feels the need). He did what you described for months.As he got bigger it got to be kind of painful. I am almost always the one that got kicked. I am pretty sure it's because he wanted to snuggle his head against mommy's belly, but I do not know.I solved the problem by sleeping with an extra pillow in the area where I needed protection. At some point he got big enough this was less effective. I started re-orienting him when he kicked me hard enough to wake me up. I did not make any effort not to wake him. Mostly he was half-awake when he was doing this, so maybe 25-50% of the time he was aware I was correcting his position. Eventually after a thousand corrections (probably not a thousand, but it felt like it) and several dozen admonitions that his feet have to be pointed at the bottom of the bed, it started to improve.How is this relevant to you? I reckon that the behavior is not related to any stress from moving her to her own bed. Our son was not going through anything unusual when he had his phase. I reckon it's comforting to have their heads where they can smell mommy. The kicking is probably a minor restless-leg syndrome -- pretty common for kids.I reckon if you keep reorienting her, and maybe pointing out the correct orientation whenever the opportunity presents itself, she will eventually get the hang of it.

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whats the best place in the house to hide a present for a

for a bike? hmhm garage would probably be your car? under his bed? under a table?

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Help! Why is my son so scared?

One of the best things you can do is buy a cheap "anti-demon-charm" that he can hang above his bed or wear as a bracelet when he sleeps, that way he will be safe. Also a night-light could help. Talk to him and ask him what you can do to stay safe from demons, and then give him whatever he says he needs. He will probably come up with something silly, like garlic to ward off vampires, but if it's easy like that, theres no reason not to humor him. You might also look into his school situation and see if maybe he's being bullied or something, since it sounds like he's not doing so well. Best of luck and remember when dealing with children and irrational situations, their solutions are generally simple and irrelevant. Let him do it. Wear his pajamas inside out, sleep with a glass of water on the nightstand, keep rocks under the bed, whatever.

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