Verona-Aurora Business Loop

Verona-Aurora business loop

Verona-Aurora Business Loop 1

Business US 60 in the Verona-Aurora area begins southwest of Verona, through which it briefly passes. After leaving Verona, the road heads east through a rural area becoming South Street in Aurora. The street curves around, becoming Church Street. At Elliot Avenue is an intersection with Missouri routes 39 and 265. The road continues down Church Street, curving southeast and rejoining the main route southeast of Aurora. Sections of this route (but not the entire route) are part of old US 60.

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Bowling Green business loop

U.S. Route 68 Business is a business route in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It runs through Bowling Green south of the main US 68 corridor, which uses a bypass around Bowling Green. It intersects with US 231 Bus. The entire route is in Bowling Green, Warren County.

Verona-Aurora Business Loop 2

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Courtland business loop

U.S. Route 58 Business (US 58 Bus.) serves as a business loop to US 58 to the town of Courtland, Southampton County. The route begins at a diamond interchange with US 58 and SR 35 southwest of the town. US 58 and SR 35 head northeast towards the town on Meherrin Road. At a T-intersection in the center of Courtland, SR 35 heads north on Main Street while US 58 Bus. turns right and heads southeast through the town on Main Street. Upon exiting Courtland town limits, the road name changes to Jerusalem Road and becomes a four-lane divided highway. Near the end of the route, US 58 Bus. curves sharply to the south to end at a signalized intersection with US 58.

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Tye business loop

Business Interstate Highway 20-Q or Bus. I-20-Q is a business loop of Interstate 20 that passes through Tye in Taylor County commissioned in 1990. The 1.7-mile (2.7 km) route begins along the south service road of I-20 and US 84 although it is accessed from eastbound traffic by way of FM 707 at Exit 277. The route runs along North St. to Spinks Rd. which carries the route back to I-20 and US 84 at Exit 278. The North St. portion of the route was the former route of US 80 before US 80 was rerouted over the current I-20 on May 31, 1957. The old route was designated Texas State Highway Loop 320 until the current Interstate business designation was given on June 21, 1990. Before 1957 the former US 80 continued a short distance along North St. beyond Spinks Rd. parallel to the current I-20 to Bus. I-20-R and U.S. Route 84. This latter section is a portion of the Bankhead Highway Historic District, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Before the current Interstate business designation was given in 1990, the route was designated Texas State Highway Loop 320. The entire route is in Taylor County.

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Dexter business loop

Business US 60 in Dexter begins on the west side of the city and head east. At Walnut Street is an intersection with Business Route 25. In the eastern part of the city, is an intersection with non-special Route 25, where Business US 60 turns north and joins Route 25. The business route rejoins the main route northeast of Dexter

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Poplar Bluff business loop

Business US 60 in Poplar Bluff begins in the northwest corner of the city at the interchange of US 60 and US 67 (Future I-57). It begins in a concurrency with Business US 67. At Pine Boulevard, Business US 60 leaves the concurrency, turning east. Pine Boulevard curves to run northeast through the city, and the business route rejoins the main route east of the city

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Waynesville-St. Robert business loop

Business Loop I-44 in the Waynesville-St. Robert area begins on the west side of Waynesville at Exit 156. The road briefly heads north on Ichord Avenue, then heads east in a duplex with Route 17. The road, at this point, also becomes Historic Route 66. Business I-44 continues east, past the Pulaski County Courthouse in the old part of the city (where Route 17 turns off north). The route then climbs a steep hill, and rounds a curve underneath a rock overhang painted like a frog. Business I-44 continues into St. Robert, the lanes split with a Roadside Park between them. It pass on through St. Robert, ending at Exit 161, which is also the exit for Business Spur I-44. Major intersectionsThe entire route is in Pulaski County.

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