USB Flash Drive Doesnt Work on My Printer???

USB Flash Drive doesnt work on my printer???

USB Flash Drive Doesnt Work on My Printer??? 1

i believe the connection on ur printer/scanner is a pictbridge connection and not a usb. although they look similar they are in fact different and this could be the cause of ur problem

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Why is my USB Flash Drive so slow?

Well, simply put, you heard wrong. Most modern 7.2k rpm HDs with Serial-ATA 2 technology are almost twice as fast as USB 2.0 on paper. In reality they are about 3-4 times as fast because of other related issues. USB 3.0 is much faster though. About 10 times as fast as USB 2.0. It wo not be available for consumer use just yet.

USB Flash Drive Doesnt Work on My Printer??? 2

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Which programs are using my USB flash drive?

In Windows 7 Pro, this works:As per a prior answer, it's probably a good idea to make sure that the USB stick is set to be optimized for quick removal. That SHOULD ensure no open writes. ymmv

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Do you know where to buy usb flash drive?

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which usb flash drive should i buy?

Although there is a lot of files, the amount of memory it takes isnt a lot at all. each of your documents is no more then 50 kb. there are 1000 kb (kilobite) in a mb. and 1000 mb in a gb. Technically you dont need more than around 250 megabite (mb). However the best deal would be if you got about a 2/3 gigabite (gb) flashdrive. You could get one that size for around $10. You could then also transfer music, movies, etc with that much space! I hope this helps :)

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Why are USB flash drives so much slower than SSDs?

Some factors I've seen:

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Defragment a USB flash drive on Mac OS X

I am quite confused why you would like to do it? Most convenient flash storage cells is very limited in writing times. So that flash file systems are designed to avoid to write into same cells frequently. But most disk de-fragment programs do, because they were designed to work with ordinary hard disk. So if you really need to "de-fragment" your files on USB flash drive on purpose, I suggest you to choose an alternative approach:This approach will affect your USB flash drive's life as little as possible

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How do I solve a USB Flash drive problem?

Most likely your USB port is overloaded. If you are plugging into a port that is shared with other devices, i.e. a unpowered hub. Had a similar problem recently with an attache drive. Plug the drive into an open port directly from your motherboard Another option is to get a powered USB hub, preferably a USB2 powered hub. The next suggestion will require that you have your Mobo driver cd or download you USB drivers from your pc manufacturer site. Open Device Manager, USB Controllers, Delete all devices in the list, Restart, Windows should reinstall them but just in case, you the drivers to reinstall manually. Good Luck

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