Tips for Handling Third Trimester During the Summer Months?

Tips for handling third trimester during the summer months?

Tips for Handling Third Trimester During the Summer Months? 1

I have been pregnant in first trimester, and third trimester during the summer. For me the first trimester was much worse because the heat made me even more nauseous. Just try to avoid heavy foods, I also found swimming to be a great way to stay cool and get a little safe exercise. Just make sure the water is not to cold. I would also drink lots of water, and be very careful what you eat and drink when you travel, some places have microbes in the water that will make you sick. Good luck and enjoy!

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What is the best way to keep my FERRET cool in the hot summer months?

You could leave him/her in ur room with a fan just not on full blast. Sencerly, Keahna Weathers

Tips for Handling Third Trimester During the Summer Months? 2

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What's an inexpensive way to cool down a room in the coming summer months?

You might be able to use a attic fan, Not the solar ones for venting the attic that mounts on the roof. If you have a 2 story house, then it would mount to the ceiling above the stairway, If you have a 1 story or Ranch style house then a Gable mount fan would work, but you need a vent in the ceiling of each room so you can pull the heat off the ceiling. Open the windows at night and close them in the morning and pull the shades has worked well for many over the years. Go to somebody else's house or go to the store when it gets really hot in the evening. between 4 and 7

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Why do some people get odd food cravings in the summer months?

Could be your body needs to store up on certain vitamins that were lacking in the winter months. I have moved to a totally new climate, from high desert dry Las Vegas to sea level 4 seasons of eastern Europe. I am eating more greasy foods as well and much more fresh fruits and vegetables as they are reasonable in price here. We almost overdosed on fresh sweet cherries for the 3 weeks or so that they were in season here.Only roughly 75 cents a lb.!

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What do you dislike most about the approaching summer months?

In Florida it's the HUMIDITY!! Whew! Need I say more? Today is 93, and I think the humidity is also about 93. You just feel wilted, dashing from a/c to a/c

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Does this blanket seem too warm to use by itself during the summer months?

Not if you have air conditioning, I have a ceiling fan and like to keep a similar throw handy in summer

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Is it ok to use starter fertilizer throughout the summer months on a lawn that is already established?

You can use it on any grass that is established too except for Centipede grass. Centipede grass is a low mantainance grass that does not need a lot of fertilizer and actually too much fertilizer will kill it. The best NPK fertilizer for Centipede is 15-0-15 or 16-4-8. Just make sure that middle number is 3 or less and you will be fine. Now the starter fertilizer usually has a 20 or higher as the middle number, which will kill your ESTABLISHED Centipede grass. It is perfect for starting all types of grass from seed including Centipede from seed, but not established Centipede.

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is goin to sleep without clothes on during the summer months considered strange ?

I only sleep with boxers and shorts on. It's not weird

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How to keep a sleeping toddler safe and cool in the summer months in a house without an AC?

They sell window fans that fit perfectly in a window (so as not to let bugs IN) and have protective "screening" in front so that the child cannot get his or her tiny fingers caught in the fan blades. If you CAN, try to put both the inner and outter window in the DOWN position so that you could put a fan in the UPPER portion of a window rather then the lower. ALSO, if there are two windows in the room---open both (hopefully screened and or guarded so baby wo not fall out of window) so that there will be cross ventilation in the room---ALSO a good idea when using a fan in one window---open another window for better air circulation. . If you can not do that, then I SUGGEST you put the baby in another room that HAS better air circulation and is cooler. . heat can be a killer

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