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No women in spandex? You gotta be kidding. I've seen those stupid Lored - oops, "Lord's Gym" - t-shirts. Anyone who would wear one is pedantic and pathetic. .

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1. Is American Family Fitness a good gym to join?

If it's the same American Family that I have near me, they are decent. They are inexpensive, which is nice, but I find that they are sometimes lacking in their services. I am thinking of going somewhere else because I have to drive a bit of distance to go there and it's just not worth it for me anymore. I would say it's a good place to start a workout regimen, but you might find it limiting after a while

2. What do i need when i go go the gym?

Shoes with good ankle and arch support, breathable clothing. I always bring my iPod, makes workouts so much more intense

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3. What is a good gym to join for someone not wanting all the "extra" stuff?

la fitness is a decent price with not so many extra things. (i think i was paying between $30 & $40 a month) there is a pool which is very nice. and you have the option of getting a personal trainer or going to classes, but for the price i think it's pretty good.

4. Has anyone ever been to curves gym?

its alright. its good if you never do anything so you will at least be getting active, but it can get really boring just going around in a circle, especially if there isnt anyone else there to really talk to (i have that issue because when i go its usually empty) so then you are just going around in the circle yourself... when i went with my mom it was better because we would at least amuse each other. but you made me realize that i need to go back today. i havent been in like a month and yet i am still paying for it. but yeah, if you are a couch potato like me, then you will feel it if you do the machines correctly and actually TRY to get a workout. if you are just being lazy and not trying then its not worth your money or time. there is one woman who goes to the one that i go to, and since she started like 5 years ago she's lost over 500lbs. she's like everyone's motovation now.

5. which slims you at the gym cardio or toning machines?

Cardio is the best workout you can give for your body, many doctors recomend cardio because you wanna build up that heart muscle and you burn more calories. Walking, hiking (at least 1 hour for both) using the stairmaster (my favorite) even cycling will be pretty good cardio workouts. Also you do not need to do crunches to get abs. Doing strenuous cardio such as jogging or using the stairmaster at least 30 min a day will help with that. But also lifting weights is not a bad idea either as you burn a lot of calories as well working muscles. Also with the food stick to a healthy diet. No bread, only brown rice or oatmeal for carbs and lots of fruits and veggies. And chicken!

6. How to avoid smelling after PE/gym?

I would be more embarrassed to walk around stinking of sweat.... Crack that deodorant open and use it!

7. need to get in shape! WHAT TO DO AT THE GYM?

Weights will tone you. Ask for some advice from a gym staff member as to what specific weights you should do and how many of each

8. Is it possible to get fit by working out not in a gym but in my home?


9. To loose weight everywhere, what is the best machine/s at the gym??

you even dont need machines fo losing weight equally gyms are mainly for those who needs muscles or extreme physical fitness but for simple weight shedding you can use CYCLING and RUNNING or SWIMMING

10. Is a home gym better than using weights such as, dumbells and barbells?

In my opinion, the answer is no. It does depend on what outcome you want though. If you are wanting to tone up, get more muscle mass, etc., then you need to use free weights. If you are just wanting to stay in shape and maintain, then the bowflex would be mediocre.

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