SHOULD I KISS HER? Were Both Girls. HELP. & Am I Bi?

SHOULD I KISS HER? were both girls. HELP. & am i bi?

SHOULD I KISS HER? Were Both Girls. HELP. & Am I Bi? 1

Yes young lesbian, what friend cuddles and kisses u all the time? BUT if you kissed her and she straight, then that gonna be some weird a** moment. Find out if she even a lesbian. Also what the person above said, But before u do it, find out if u are even lesbian. I was friends with lesbians and they turned straight.

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Baby Names for both girls and boys?

My favorite names on your girls list are: Eden- cute and simple Gianna- I love that name, it's elegant Isabella- You could also call her "Bella" which is cute Julianna- I love that name Reagan: This is an adorable name for a little girl but mature enough for when she's an adult. Not on your list, but also cute: Faith and Grace, I think they are pretty names! Boys names: Aiden David Evan Haden Liam Noah Not on your list: Bradley I like all these boy names, I think they have a nice ring to them and wont get mispronounced or spelled. Hopefully this helped! Good luck!

SHOULD I KISS HER? Were Both Girls. HELP. & Am I Bi? 2

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So is Joe Tacopina going to get Joran van der Sloot off this time?

Yeah, they are trying to say it's just a coincidence that this guy was with both girls before they were killed. Yeah, Ok. Whatever dudes. He's obviously a psychopath and needs to be put away

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I have a crush on my best friend, we're both girls. What should I do? :(?

shot her and pretend like nothing happened

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Does love still exsist nowadays?? Would love both girl and boy answers!!!!?

Love does exist you just need to stop searching for it. it will come to you. i promise. this has happened to me. love will find its way in just when you do not know it. do not worry about this it happens to everyone.

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What is the best gift you got after giving birth?

I would recommend paying for a framed professional photo of both girls, maybe the baby sitting in the older girl's lap, or a close-up of the older girl kissing the baby's cheek. This would not need to be expensive either--WalMart and K-Mart have good specials all the time, but be careful, because they will want you to add a lot to their cheaper packages. And, as the happy grandma, you could keep a copy for yourself, along with a few wallet-sized copies to share.

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best way to introduce my new baby chinchilla to my 8 year old one, theyre both girls?

you could always just hold them together at the same time and see how they go but if they fight do they cage and the exercise ball thingie

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Is my 11 year old daughter overweight?

Both girls are well within the normal range of weight for their height !

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Did the death of the firstborn child effects girls too or just boys?

I believe both girls and boys. The plague was the deaths of all first born

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Both girls and guys do you think this is werid??

no there is nothing wrong with that not at all

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Need ideas for big sister gift baskets for my 11 year old and my 7 year old (both girls).Thank you!?

Lotions, body scrub, bath gels, cute girly pens & journal, smaller version of perfumes, magazines, lip gloss & polish (if your mother allows it), frilly socks, t-shirt, earrings, bracelets

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I'm in love with my internet friend (we're both girls)?

Find a nice,hot guy to focus on, at least for now. Get more comfortable with yourself, and when you finally decide to come out, then think about telling her. But make sure you do not just spring on her "Hey I like you, and I am bi". That could completelyyy freak her out and possibly hurt your friendship. If she's a good friend, when you tell her about your sexuality she will accept you. And there's TONS of other people out there, so do not get stuck on her.

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I need help picking out my daughter's 1 year birthday gift.?

I know you will get her something, but it wo not mean anything to her at this age- it will be meaningful only to you. What matters to her now is YOU! I suggest getting her something that will last, like books that can be read to both girls for years to come. If you want something specifically for her, maybe get a beautiful little dress and have her picture taken in it. That way she will be able to appreciate it later when she's older. Or if you do not have a nice rocking chair, get one that you can sit with your little girls in. Believe me, they wo not be little for long! When she's older you will get things that she will like and she will be old enough to enjoy them and have some input into what she would like to have.

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