Precautions for Installation of Liquid Vortex Flowmeter

The installation of liquid vortex flowmeter shall consider the positioning of flowmeter, liquid flow direction, length of upstream and downstream visual sections, piping diameter, environmental impact (temperature, electromagnetic radiation, corrosion), vibration, valve installation, pipeline support and other factors. Generally, the flow diameter and piping diameter shall be consistent and concentric. The length of upstream straight pipe section usually depends on the form of upstream resistance parts (pipe shrinkage, expansion, elbow and valve). Generally, the length of upstream straight pipe section shall be 20d and downstream 5D (where D is the pipe diameter). When the upstream resistance part is a valve or stop valve, the length of the upstream straight pipe section must be no less than 40d. The installation site of flowmeter shall avoid high temperature, corrosion, electromagnetic radiation and vibration source. When the vibration is strong, support shall also be considered to reduce the impact of amplitude. When the liquid vortex flowmeter is used for control loop measurement, it is recommended to install the flowmeter downstream of the regulating valve.

Generally, in order to avoid vibration or some unpredictable reasons, a throttle ring, expansion section or storage tank are installed upstream of the flowmeter to partially absorb the vibration and impact of the fluid, which is particularly important in the control circuit. If the vibration in a certain direction is predicted, the liquid vortex flowmeter shall not be installed where the vortex lift direction is consistent with the vibration direction.

When the liquid vortex flowmeter is installed in the horizontal pipeline, the ultrasonic probe shall be in the middle of both sides of the horizontal pipeline (i.e. the vortex generator is in the vertical position up and down). In this way, bubbles are easy to gather above the pipe, and large foreign matters flow along the bottom of the pipe, which will hinder the ultrasonic passing through. If installed in the above way, the above phenomena are effectively avoided and bring benefits to the measurement.

Precautions for Installation of Liquid Vortex Flowmeter 1

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