Pejorative for a Room of Low Quality (esp. Prison Cell)

Pejorative for a room of low quality (esp. prison cell)

Pejorative for a Room of Low Quality (esp. Prison Cell) 1

A prison cell if it is shared feels cramped, stifling and, often, claustrophobic. The term cage conveys the image of a person trapped in a small confined space.cage: 1. a structure of bars or wires in which birds or other animals are confined. 2. a prison cell or camp.If the OP wants to express the sheer desolation then I suggest the followingHe found himself sitting in his godforsaken room/bedsit/cubicle/cell etc.(TFD) godforsaken 1. Located in a dismal or remote area. 2. Desolate; forlorn.

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On deleting low quality single-word-request answers

Once a post has gone to moderation, the resolution is moderator's choice. Deletion is a perfectly reasonable choice when the post does not belong on the site. Deletion leaves the site clean while also educating the author. We should not lower the bar further for answers than for questions. I enjoy a good SWR, but they are few and far between. SE management have repeatedly said SWRs do not belong here, with the exception of requests which are:Most SWRs and their answers do not meet this standard.

Pejorative for a Room of Low Quality (esp. Prison Cell) 2

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Low quality connection: is it my internet provider or my router?

Check with a wired connection directly into your modem - if it persists, it's your ISP. Then check with a wired connection going through your router - if it persists, then it's a problem with your router. Finally, if that all works fine, it's the wireless portion of your connection that is bad. Check with another computer to see if it's your wireless NIC or the router. Be sure there are no electrical obstacles between your computer and the router, you would be surprised what can interfere with wireless connections

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Low quality question that can be improved - what should I do?

First off, "looks good" does not mean that it's a good post. Rather it means something more like, "This post is not so awful that we need to delete it. It meets the site's minimum standards, even if it's not great. " It also does not do anything. it does not automatically upvote the post, it does not revert a downvote, or undo an edit, or remove a comment. The only real action taken is to remove it from the VLQ queue (which is the only way it's different from "skip").If you can see edits that would improve the post, by all means go and make them. (Although I would not bother if, even after your edits, you feel the post should be deleted, as then you are just wasting your time.)If you can think of any comments that would help the author improve the post, go ahead and leave them.If you would like to vote on the post, feel free to. As for which of the review actions you feel should be taken, it comes down to one simple question, "Do you think the post is so bad that it needs to be deleted?"If the answer is "yes", recommend deletion.If the answer is "no", say that it looks good.If you just are not sure, press skip

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Why does Disney sell such low quality toys?

the quality of most products has gone down in the past decade or so, especially since manufacturers have relocated their factories to china. the overall standard of things has gone down, and manufacturers will do anything to save a buck and increase profit

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What criteria determine a low quality post in the review queue?

Quality related flags heavily influence this, and the post had one quality related flag which was deemed helpful by a moderator, and the collection of down votes. While we do run quality metrics on questions and answers, we normally do not raise automatic concern unless a post is excessively long, or too short.That was not an audit, but could very well become one in the future - the quality related signal is what we use to find those, and why mods are so particular when it comes to validating them.

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Why doesn't Nissan want you to know that Renault, a French company that makes low quality cars, is a major

It's really not a secret, Nissan needed Renault to help with development of new models, and turning a profit, which it has done nicely the last couple of years. You will see Renault's influence in some of the Nissan models for example the new Sentra. see below. Nissan still has controlling interest. By the way, Renault builds solid affordable cars for the European market, I would not consider them to be low quality at all. In 1999 French automaker Renault took a 37% stake in Nissan, and installed president and CEO Carlos Ghosn (nicknamed "Le Cost Killer" based on his talent for turning red ink black) who has since returned the company to profitability. Renault now owns almost 45% of Nissan.

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