Navy Blue Mustang with Black Racing Stripes?

Navy blue mustang with black racing stripes?

Navy Blue Mustang with Black Racing Stripes? 1

I personally think that white stripes look the best on navy blue mustangs. It gives it a vintage mustang look and makes the car look really sharp. Black looks good, but it can be hard to notice on a dark blue car.

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What color work well with a NAVY BLUE dress?

Purple tights and pumps or black tights and ankle boots, Skip the belt. A pair of studs

Navy Blue Mustang with Black Racing Stripes? 2

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navy blue dress with lavendar polka dots..?

Black. Flip flops? Is not it October where you live????

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What colors go good with Navy Blue?

red would work, but youd prolly have to wear a chill color on the bottom like white. red white and blue always look good together, although quite patriotic too haha.. personally id wear a yellow scarf, because itd really contrast and make both stand out. :) silver or gold would look nice too ^^

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is it unusual for a baby to have navy blue eyes?

No. Everyone is born with a different eye color. Navy blue is not that common,though.

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Can someone explain the directions for me plz =]?

You are to decorate the inside of a home that has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room, kitchen, etc. You will have to choose colors, fabrics, flooring, curtains, and everything else that goes into a home. A color scheme is simply the colors you have chosen to use -- maybe they would be monochromatic (meaning different shades of the same group of colors --example blue,blue green, blue violet, royal blue, navy blue, etc. ) or autumn shades (browns, reds, organges, yellows, etc.) and bring them all together so that the house is nicely done. It's like matching your skirt and your shirt or your tie and your shirt. Maybe, you want to use a colonial design so you would choose fabrics that would look colonial. Modern is usually associated with chrome, white, black and stark colors. Hope this helps

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Ideas for painting my room, please :] ..?

light pink wallls with navy blue accents is realllllly prettty:) and ya the lyrics would look nice if you got like a cursive stencil and painted them in navy blue! your trim would prob just look best white

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Which looks better with blonde hair, red or navy blue?

I would say navy blue.....but red is cute too!

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What should I wear with shiny navy blue leggings?

White loose blouse and nude shoes

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What shoes can i wear with navy blue tights?

Well, you could maybe wear white - go for a kind of sailor type of style. It matters what your natural style is, if you like quite quirky things then maybe something goldy? Hope i helped? x

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what colors go with navy blue?

Orange and lime green looks Great!

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Would Navy Blue and Gold Make Good Wedding Colors?

Green & Gold would be waaaaaaaay better

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What color should I paint my room?

Baby blue. Navy blue is a little would ark.'

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what color high heels would go with a navy blue lace dress?

nude, gold, silver, subtle light pink

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Male Wedding Guest - What matches with navy blue suit?

Definitely go for the white shirt, and the tie could be any color, but I would not suggest black or red. Those would not look too good

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Where can I find the USAF navy blue campaign hat?

Probably at clothing sales on Lackland AFB. You might try AAFES on line as well

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Should i get navy blue, or black converse low tops?

If you ask me, the navy ones would be great! In my opinion, if you could find navy and red accesories, the navy shoes would look great with the navy shoes or if you wore a navy sweater over it. so yes, get the navy ones

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Ideas for Navy blue and Silver Wedding for the Fall?

Cool! Our color is going to be either Horizon blue or cornflower blue with silver. Our Wedding is also in the Fall. For flowers I would say roses, day lillies, etc...You might try looking at DAvids and go to the "Bridal party section" and pick your color and look at the dresses. And for fall wedding ideas, go to They have lots of ideas for FAll weddings.

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What color would go with a navy blue?

I would probably try ivory or off-white

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