My Brief Review of the IPhone 6s Plus

My Brief Review of the iPhone 6s Plus

My Brief Review of the IPhone 6s Plus 1

The bigger size is definitely noticeable in my hand. Using buttons in the upper part of the screen is a little difficult at first, but the awkwardness of the bigger size went away in a couple weeks. Keep in mind that I am 6'2" with large hands, but I have friends with smaller hands that still love this phone. It's whether you are comfortable using it with two hands or not.Interestingly the size is not noticeable in my pocket. It does not feel huge when I sit down, and it fits nicely in the breast pocket of my suit. I had some shorts with a "mobile phone pocket" and unfortunately, it does not fit in there anymore, but it's not a deal breaker.I love the bigger screen size. My iPad is still my preferred reading device, but I do not find myself immediately moving to it for lighter reading like I used to. I did not do any reading on my old iPhone. Videos look great on the screen, and are much more enjoyable.Apple has done an excellent job with this phone. If you've been on the fence, I do not think you will regret it. Originally published at theboldreport. net.

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What's the best website that I can use to sell my iPhone 6s?

Hi!I have had a lot of experience with selling old technology, so I know a thing or two about which websites you should sell your device to.The one website that I absolutely love (sold most of my iPhones to them, btw) is called It is the best website out there for you and their prices are amazing. iGotOffer has awesome customer support that will always fix problems if there are any at all. Never did they once try to scam or underpay me. And not really related, but their Instagram is really, really interesting. True professionals that know business! Hope this helps!

My Brief Review of the IPhone 6s Plus 2

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What is the best way to trade in my iPhone 6s?

There are plenty of options out there to sell your used iPhone 6s. Each has its up and down. Craigslist allows to earn instant cash, but you have to do a lot of bargaining and it could unsafe. Itu2019s almost impossible to sell something on eBay and Amazon these days if youu2019re not a big seller. Itu2019s very hard to post the product and it can end up taking weeks. You also have to pay a service fee on eBay totaled 12% of your product price and wait a few days to get paid.usell works about the same way as eBay and Amazon, but itu2019s a little better as it lets you sell the product directly to vendors. The best option is to use a trade-in company that lets you create instant quote and provides you with a free-shipping label. Gazelle is the pioneer for these types of companies. However, my favorite place to sell is Stopoint. com. Stopoint. com pays within 24 hours in PayPal- the only company that offers this service. They also pay a little more than their competitors. In their website, it shows if you opt to get receive a check, itu2019ll be received within 3 business days. The industry standard is usually 7 to 10, so Stopoint thrives in this area.My advice is: it depends on what you want. iF you donu2019t mind doing a lot of bargaining and unafraid to meet strangers, use Craigslist. If you want to do it yourself and donu2019t care about waiting for a few weeks, then use Amazon, eBay, Swappa, etcu2026 If you want an instant quote, use the other trade-in companies though I strongly recommend their rapid service and the better price they offer.What is the best way to trade in my iPhone 6s?What is the best way to trad in my iPhone 6s?.

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How much should I sell my iPhone 6S for if the speakers have an issue on calling from my end (voice appears distant) and the screen is cracked? It is 1 year and 7 months old. Should I get it repaired to use in the future?

Short answer - Exchange should be a better option!!!Detailed answer -Since it's already almost 2 years old, you can consider buying a new phone. You would get better price if you exchange your phone for a new one. Ecommerce websites like amazon and Flipkart are offering a good price for iPhones. Since your phone has some minor problems, it would be difficult to sell it. And repairing will cost you a fortune. If you spend few thousands extra, you will be able to afford a new and better phone!Check out the exchange offers in Online Shopping site in India: Shop Online for Mobiles, Books, Watches, Shoes and MoreOnline Shopping Site for Mobiles, Fashion, Books, Electronics, Home Appliances and MoreHere is an attachment which shows the exchange priceFlipkart:Amazon:Repairing the screen would cost you somewhere around 16k and I am not sure about the speakers. You can consider selling your phone which might fetch you some 10-15k. But it depends again!!! Because the retailers will check the phone thoroughly and you might be offered even less.Give it a try to sell it but my recommendation would be to exchange it for a new phone!!!

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