Low Oil Pressure in 04 Chevy Silverado?

low oil pressure in 04 chevy silverado?

Low Oil Pressure in 04 Chevy Silverado? 1

prolly the gauge, I have an 04 silverado also.. they are junk..but there is a recall on the lights in the dash and spedo and tach, it my include the oil gauge ..check with the local dealer, but do not drive it until u get a mech. gauge on it first.

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2003 Chevy S10 Has Low Oil Pressure and Sometimes a tick?

from your story, the ticking sound comes and goes which is also related with the gauge and the engine speed, was the ticking sound regular in rhythm? .'in my opinion, the ticking sound comes the cam lobes touching the valves but without much oil, as you mentioned earlier the flashing gauge, but soon disappears with high engine speed and also when the gauge light is out, .i think, low oil level, a defective oil pump, a clogged line or a defective pressure switch(unless your gauge is not being grounded/electrical problem) or if these are okay.you might also want to check valve lash/clearance and timing belt/chain tension, unless otherwise you are just hearing relays switching on or off, or other unrelated noises

Low Oil Pressure in 04 Chevy Silverado? 2

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Low oil pressure, should I use thicker oil?

i think its time to get a new oil pump

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My Pulsar RS200 low oil pressure indicator comes on after 1 km and goes off after I switch off the engine then switch on. What should I do?

Check the engine oil level. If your bike is liquid cooled, check the coolant level too. It will fix your issue

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I have a ticking noise from my 3.1L engine pulled valve cover noticed not much oil coming from rockers?

It could also be mis-adjusted rocker arms, worn lifters, or low oil pressure may be causing the lifters to be under-lubricated

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2005 Ford F150 Lariat been shutting off on me today. It shows "Low Oil Pressure".?

"Dipstick" is not slang. That is what you pull out of the engine to see if there's any oil. Your owner's manual will explain the dipstick to you. If you find that the oil level is sufficient, the low oil pressure warning is serious and means to not try to run the engine until this condition is corrected. Tow the truck to a shop to be diagnosed and repaired- if repair is possible. If oil starvation caused to thengine to seize it is damaged and will need to be overhauled.

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why would a engine have low oil pressure?

Worn crankshaft and camshaft bearings will cause lower oil pressure

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what causes low oil pressure and knocking sound on a Nissan RD28 turbo engine?

Dear Nissan- I hate to be the one to break this to you, and its news that you are not going to want to hear. The reason the turbo will not spin is because the bearings in the turbo have cooked and seized the turbo charger. This may have happened due to the low oil pressure. Ths indicates to me that the Oil Pump has failed or a critical seal in the system has failed. As for the knocking sound, I will also wager that you may have spun an engine bearing in the process. Automotive 101: Turbo Chargers are operated by the hot exhaust gasses exiting the engine. These gasses flow by the turbine vanes which is connected via a shaft to the compressor vanes that create the boost for the Turbo Charger. Since the timing failure due to a Timing Belt snapping or the belt cogs being stripped off, (if equipped) the engine jumped time and the valves smacked the top of the piston. The same will happen if a timing chain jumps time due to a sproket failure, chain failure, or tensioner failure. This destructive energy is passed through the connecting rod and directly to the crankshaft where the bearing was probably damaged, and it has probably spun in the journal cradle and wiped out the journal on the crank. In the process you have also probably cracked the cylinder head too, and this is part of the reason for the overheating, but that can be due to the fact the Turbo Charger is now trash. You are now looking at a major bill to return the car to operating condition. I can tell you from experince that Turbo Chargers require a delecate hand, and knowledge of how to care for them. Frequent oil changes are their friend, (Every 3000 miles without exception). Turbo Chargers also require a stabilazation time after driving before engine shut down too. The harder the Turbo Charger has been working, the longer it will need to cool down before the engine can be turned off. 5 to 8 minutes of engine idle time may be required. This prevents the oil from cokeing in the bearings in the Turbo Charger. This is why when you see small aircraft come in at the airport, they pilots will leave the engines running for 5 minutes or more before they shut the engine down. They are allowing the turbo chargers to cool before they return to ambient temprature. Diesel trucks, trains, construction equipment all follow the same procedure for shut-down to allow the turbos to cool off. In your case, I would say this is also true, compunded by the timing failure, you are now looking at a very expensive repair. more than likely its going to cost you more than the car is worth. Nissan like Toyota subcontracts for their Turbo Chargers, to another company. I think theirs are made my Mitsubishi. Just the Turbo Charger alone is going to cost you from $1200.00 to $2000.00 depending on the type of Turbo it is, and you have not even got to the engine repairs yet, which is going to be near $3000.00 just to get started, if the block can be saved. If not just keep adding the numbers until they hit about $8000.00. This is one reason I do not build imports once they have been destroyed. The parts replacement costs are too prohibitive. I always hate bad news like this, because I enjoy building custom cars regardless of the brand name. Here is my point. My brother owns a 1990 Honda Prelude 2.5L DOHC SI Special Edition, (Grey Market Import). Because of the rarety and the fact this particular configuration was only available in Japan, it cost us $21,950 to customize and Rod this vehicle. All of the parts had to come from overseas, and Spoon Engines was the only people willing to do the re-manufacturing work for us. Was it worth it? Yes! But that is because the intrinsic value of the car outweighs the Blue Book. My brother has had offers up to $50K for this car. Its not for sale. With a 276 Hp 4 cylinder DOHC Engine, you can understand why. Sorry fo the news! I hope you can get it repaired, but if not I am sorry anyway! Good Luck!

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