Kids Uniforms Upgraded! New Laces for Back to School Shoe Shopping

Just in time for Kids Uniforms and Back to School Shoes! The Laceez no tie shoelace design company has exciting news! Now our signature no tie elastic laces are selling at all Dennis Uniform locations across America! Dennis is the leader in Kids Uniforms and now sells Laceez for your kids school shoes. Now School Uniforms with a Tradition of Quality, Style, & Durability For over 95 years Dennis Uniform has aimed to provide the highest quality school uniforms to the top academic institutions of our nation. With over 40 store locations across the United States, Dennis Uniform is the nation's leading provider of school uniforms. We at Laceez take pride in being the latest new piece added to Dennis Uniform's rich history. It is great to join this tradition of quality manufacturing, top performing products, and superb customer service. Whether your school requires casual dress shoes or sneakers, with Laceez shoelaces stay neatly in place and America's kids are dressing for success like never before! Executives and managers at Dennis Uniform expressed love for the Laceez product and saw how Laceez would bring value to their kids and young adult clothing options. Dennis Uniform's most popular customers are mothers with little ones in school, the same primary audience as Laceez, which began with the production of mom inspired no tie shoelaces in 2014 before eventually launching adult sizes in 2016. In fact, no school uniform is complete without the shoes! From head to toe, Laceez no tie elastic shoelaces help to complete the professional and stylish look of a school uniform. Untied shoelaces can be an unsightly problem on any campus, not to mention a potential hazard. Consequently, some workplaces in the UK are even going as far as banning traditional shoelaces for safety reasons. Furthermore, a school uniform needs to stay presentable, professional, and clean as possible; dingy shoelaces need to be eliminated! Back to School is Here Because back to school arrives so fast, moms and dads out shopping for clothes and supplies for the kids always love stumbling upon Laceez deals; such a neat idea, such a time-saver! And now our niche shoelace designs are available your favorite Dennis Uniform store. In partnership with Dennis, Laceez developed a fleet of custom rotating displays specifically for their customer-focused, convenient checkout stands. Most importantly, you can benefit from this new offer by finding a Dennis Uniform location near you and outfitting your Kids Uniforms and school shoes. With over 40 locations throughout the US, Dennis and Laceez are within your reach.

Kids Uniforms Upgraded! New Laces for Back to School Shoe Shopping 1

1. Back to school shoes ?

My friend had them and they are really comfy but if its wet outside, water will get in. =)

2. Where can I get some "cool/different" school shoes?

Hahaha. Why the hell can not you wear Mary Janes. I was thinking of some sweet Mary Janes. But apparently not. :S I guess there is not much you can do babe. I used to sorta like mine I think. With a bit of a heel. :D Goodluck with that. Love you.

Kids Uniforms Upgraded! New Laces for Back to School Shoe Shopping 2

3. How can I make my school shoes last longer? They're falling apart...?

oh sweetie, i am sure your mom will understand if you need new shoes (those are def a "need" for private school kids), but it is so sweet of you to worry! In the meantime, it is lame but duct tape DOES work. Shoe repair is a good option (also not cheap but probably cheapER) and if your school is not hardcore about the brand, maybe look for a cheaper lookalike? good luck! you are a nice kid!

4. i need help! school shoes that go with white socks??

just a pair of black flats :)

5. i need to buy a pair of school shoes (see links).... they have to be tie up shoes ,BLACK,though !! opinion ?

im sorry but those shoes are hideous. i used to go to a uniform school too, i just wore a pair of black etnis. :D

6. What are your favorite types of back-to-school shoes and why?

I am going to say high-top Converses even though you think they are lame, but mine are 3 years old (first pair I've had, and I will have them forever). They are cobalt blue, falling apart, covered in god knows what (paint, pen, beer from concerts, deck stain...) and I wear them with everything because who cares? I personally think every outfit looks great with a pair of disgusting Converses =P. If I am not wearing Converses I am barefoot, seriously. Or I am wearing running shoes, because I run cross country. Oftentimes I will switch one shoe with my best friend, who has the same size feet as me. Her Converses are dark purple with a green and white vertically striped tongue. So that's fun, walking around the school like that

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