Is There a Resource That I Can Type in Or Select an Existing Computer Hardware Spec and It Will Tell

Thanks for A2A.While I usually cheat and rely on purchasing a combination CPU/Motherboard that has already been paired, I still lean toward doing my own research for RAM, graphic cards, etc. .Totally, off the top of my head, I found PC Part Picker (PC Part Picker)* that you can try out for yourself. I know that there are many other sites which offer "pick and build" in the hope that you're purchasing from that particular site.n* I don't know if it's my machine, or the Quora server, but actual links are not being displayed when I post my answer. TweakTown (TweakTown) also offers the opportunity to perform a virtual build.If you already have the CPU or the motherboard, such sites may not provide information related to that specific model. Finding out the range of CPUs that suit a motherboard can be found from the manufacturer's site, but finding a range of motherboards to suit a pre-existing CPU can require detailed searching until you find something that you like. Is there a resource that I can type in or select an existing computer hardware spec and it will tell me what can be added or upgraded and which parts to buy etc., without having to manually figure it all out myself? I've seen one for memory only

Is There a Resource That I Can Type in Or Select an Existing Computer Hardware Spec and It Will Tell 1

1. Discrepancy between process execution time and CPU speed (lost cycles)

You did not calculate the clockspeed. What you calculated was the number of instructions per second, which is about 1.56 billion per second. It seems your code takes 6 cycles per iteration. Take the first instruction: addq $1, -8(%rbp). What does this instruction actually do? It calculates the memory address %rbp-8. It reads the memory at that location. It adds one to the result. It stores the result at the same memory location. That's four different things that need to be done for one single instruction. And your code has at least one nasty dependency: You are storing a value at -8(%rbp) and then using the same value. That would normally mean that the store operation has to be completed (which takes a while even in cache), and the compare instruction has to wait reading the data until the store is complete. That will take a while. But then I think newer Intel CPUs will do some heroic effort to figure out that you are reading from the same address, and therefore reading the memory location will return the value that is being stored right now, and forward the value from the result of the add directly, and not from memory. And the "branch" will be executed speculatively, and not wait for the comparison to finish. You can not compare an old RISC processor with a current Intel processor. You used complex instructions that will be translated into multiple micro-ops, you had dependencies through memory. Big caches can not be accessed in a single cycle

2. Someone who knows about Apple computers please answer?

Ma'am, I would not suggest getting a Mac. That Mac is cheap but outdated and has a slow processing unit, Low amount of memory (RAM), and I could suggest a much better one to you for a little bit cheaper. Email me if you have any questions or would like to discuss this computer or any other computers, and I will show you that other desktop as well.

Is There a Resource That I Can Type in Or Select an Existing Computer Hardware Spec and It Will Tell 2

3. Does every data type just boil down to nodes with pointers?

Many (most?) data structures are built of nodes and pointers. Arrays are another critical element of some data structures.Ultimately, every data structure is just a bunch of words in memory, or just a bunch of bits. It's how they are structured and how we interpret and use them that matters

4. powershell md5 compare too slow

Do you have to create 'md5' each time in the loop (500 times on your data)? Can you create it once outside of the loop and then reuse?Do you have to read the file into memory and then spoon-feed it into md5? Is there any way to invoke md5 as if you would do it from CLI so it reads file on its own? Something like $hash_ori = $($(CertUtil -hashfile C:TEMPMyDataFile.img MD5) -replace " ","")(no idea about Powershell per se, but that would make sense, say, in bash)

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