Is It Possible to Get Earrings and Tape Them When I Play Basketball?

Is it possible to get earrings and tape them when i play basketball?

Is It Possible to Get Earrings and Tape Them When I Play Basketball? 1

yeah, you can just get a sports tape and it works really good

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Playing basketball with ankle weights...helpful or harmful?

the two my ankles and proper knee harm, and make a popping noise as quickly as I walk. that's what playing basketball does to the physique. fairly in case you play exterior on concrete plenty. i do not understand exactally what is misguided with your ankle, yet be certain to positioned on mid-extreme authentic footwear to ward off added unfavorable it

Is It Possible to Get Earrings and Tape Them When I Play Basketball? 2

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Do u like playing basketball ?

I love playing b ball.Crossing ppl over and shooting the baksetball.Its all.I would rather play the game than watch the is the best!

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Do you have any superstitions when playing basketball or watching your fave team?

Dude, nice comebacks. lol! When I play basketball, I am very superstitious. avoid out of bounds line and baselines before the game. during free throw attempts (shot not by me), walk back and forth over midcourt twice. (Sometimes, I do not ...maybe that's why i miss the next shot- and also i am a guard so i am not in the paint for rebounds on FT attempts. make last warmup shot When I watch the Mavs: avoid thinking about them losing and keeping positive thoughts...sounds stupid...but i obsess over them a few years ago, when I had really bad OCD, and the Mavs made their (sad-ending) title run, I would lay out a Mavs jersey the night before with high socks, matching colors, and even bands in the place of an arm or head, and I would flicker the lights and tap the walls until it felt right. sad story actually, but it paid off for a while.

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Which sport is harder to play, basketball or soccer?

Football.Basketball can be physical but football is violent at its heart and risk of serious injury in football is higher.also the kind of injuries in football can be life changing and life ending in horrible ways such is the CTE brain injury profile.These are injuries that do not heal and the vision is one of downhill progression to very dark places and early death.

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are the jordan ajf 6s good for playing basketball?

they are b-ball shoes. therefore u can play in em. rasheeds choice of shoes were AF1s. Ther fact they jordans doesnt change the fact they for bball. its jus some people i kno think they ugly. i happen to own a pair of the white and black ones and yea u can play in em. EDIT: I hear that purp.

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How do i gain weight while still playing basketball?

You cant gain weight by playing basketball. You cant gain weight by lifting weights. To gain weight you gotta EAT. Then when you are full, EAT more. Eat before bed, eat on the toilet, eat in bed, eat when you wake up. Calories in > Calories out = weight gain.

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Carefully and logically, sequence instructions on how to play basketball?

You got to be kidding. It would take all day to explain how to play basketball. Watch a game with someone who knows and ask questions

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For all you who play basketball.... have you ever done this?

i would play for the joy of winning i have them Sign a paper so i can see how many people i have won and i have a losing paper

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did ur mother ever tell u not to play basketball in the house??

you have the same philosophy as my kids, except they decided to play soccer

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How can I grow taller?Does playing basketball and jogging improves my growth?

Your glands control your height there's really nothing you can do about it. Your anterior pituitary gland secretes a growth hormone. When you run out of it you stop growing. That's what creates height there's nothing you can do to make your height grow bigger.

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How can I gain confidence when I play basketball?

Well, what my dad tells me to do is to just act like your at home practicing your best. It does not really matter if you do everything right. So when your in a game just think of it as practicing like it's not really a whole lot of pressure. You will build your confidence and end up being aggressive during the game and not nervous

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