Is It Considered Rude to Wear a Jean Dress to a Wedding?

is it considered rude to wear a jean dress to a wedding?

Is It Considered Rude to Wear a Jean Dress to a Wedding? 1

a jean dress is no different from jeans. even if it is a very cute and lovely dress wearing it to a wedding is very innapropriate. The bride and groom have worked very hard to set up everything and the least you could do is dress appropriatly. a simple black dress would work do not wear the following to a wedding anything extremely bright ANYTHING WHITE. jeans mini skirts etc if you wouldnt wear it to an interview or a funeral dont wear it to a wedding im sure you have a black dress in your closet.

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Is this a cute "Little Black Dress"?

It seems a little old for a 16 year old. I think you could find something a little more fun!

Is It Considered Rude to Wear a Jean Dress to a Wedding? 2

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What to wear to wedding while 9 months pregnant?

Look in your closet and pick out the dress that looks the best on you....or just pick a black dress...either way you can dress it up with a nice necklace and earring / your hair and nails will be done so you will be complete...Do not stress over this, you need to be comfortable.

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Why does my boyfriend want to see me in a black dress?

Cause a black dress is sexy and chic af. Black is classy and evergreen

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Do I look fat in this dress (pic)?

Yes I think that the dress does make you look bigger, but you are not it's just how the dress makes you look. I would try and find a black dress because black is more slimming. I hope that helped. Good luck.

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Fashion for a little black dress?

forever 21 always has tons of cute jewlery and its pretty cheep too. oh you could also try gold bangles that would match and give it a little something extra

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Black Dress in the summer ?

It sounds really nice especially on a cruise ship! If it's silver flats get some fun silver bracelts make sure they are sparkly! Do not forget a necklace

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If i wore a black dress?

black says your a whore!

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Ideas for things to buy myself?

Go with some staple pieces. Every girl should have (In my opinion): Ballet flats, Black pumps, boots, a scarf, a clutch, a handbag, a strap bag, pearl earrings, a black cardigan, a polo, a dressy tank top, striped/plaid pajamas, sweat pants, matching bra/underwear, a fun dress, a black dress, a pencil skirt, and a blazer. Those are my foundations to a fun wardrobe.

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Is it appropriate to wear a black dress to an evening wedding?

I have to disagree. Yes, it is true that traditional etiquette used to say that you should not wear black to a wedding because of the association with black being worn for funerals. But times change! Nowadays, it is quite common to wear black to formal weddings. In fact, many brides choose black as the color for their bridesmaids! Today, the only color that should absolutely not be worn at a wedding is white or ivory, so that you do not compete with the bride. But it is definitely appropriate to wear a black dress to a formal wedding.Is it appropriate to wear a black dress to an evening wedding?

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Burkha poses a threat to social security. The Nun's clothes has nothing to do with religion it's more of a church tradition. God did not tell priest to wear what they wear either

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R&P: What songs describe a style of dress... or undress?

"Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress" - The Hollies "Devil With The Blue Dress On" - Mitch Rider & The Detroit Wheels Only two I can think of now.

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What color nailpolish do you wear with a black dress?

I would say ruby red nails and a black dress are very classy and chic

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Makeup for a black dress?

I say a metallic gold would look really cute! deep black mascara, with a shimmery dark gray eyeliner with the gold over your lids and the dark gray again in the crease of your eye and a lighter gold-white eyeshadow to highlight your brow bones and for the crease of your eyes! You will look gorgeous!

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Greeted with a nasty comment about my outfit: Is there anything I can/should do or say in response?

4 inch pink heels and brightly coloured sequins, a black dress with cutouts and a black leather coat-- for Pizza Express??? You are dressed to go clubbing not meet friends at Pizza Express. I probably would have had the same reaction 4" pink heels and brightly coloured sequins on them? LOL

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