Inventory of Five Top Chinese Female Voices with Fever, Viper Ten Million Non-destructive Music Libr

In recent years, with everyone's pursuit of higher and higher quality of life, many small partners no longer meet the general music quality, and have started a variety of professional hifi devices, hoping to obtain a more pure music experience. However, with good equipment, there must be good sound blessing. After all, the quality of high, medium and low bass, the dynamics and impact of sound and other details of hardware equipment need to be fully reflected in good vocal music. In the hifi music industry, five hifi female singers famous for "female poison", such as sun Lu, Zhang Weijia, Lei Ting, Tan Yan and Gong Yue, will be highly praised by the majority of enthusiasts. Today, the author has sorted out a list of top female voices with fever to give you details, so as to facilitate you to find a suitable touchstone when adjusting equipment.

Let's introduce the five hifi female singers first. The first one is sun Lu, who is known as "black glue female voice". Since the launch of the first solo album "lonely lover" in 2006, sun Lu has been synonymous with audition level voice over the years. Take her masterpiece, crossing the sea to see you, for example. The sweet and magnetic voice sounds like water. When I first heard it, I didn't think it was amazing, but when it came to the chorus "in the wind and sand / watching you go away / I was too sad to myself", sun Lu's interpretation of low voice and shallow singing virtually brought out a kind of special love for girls, It makes people more and more fascinated.

Speaking of Zhang Weijia, I believe music enthusiasts will not feel strange to her. In 2005, the young Zhang Weijia participated in the "super girl voice" and reached the top ten in Chengdu, making a figure in the Chinese music world with her strength. Her performance is always full of energy, which can not only control the depth of bass, but also highlight the ethereal of treble. The favorite person hurt me the most in my favorite song list. When Zhang Weijia often sings "the person I love the most hurts me the most / teaches people the depth of helplessness" with a song with a slight sense of vicissitudes, the sadness has a stubborn emotion that people can't forget for a long time. It's best to drink alone at midnight and have a quiet aftertaste.

Next, I want to introduce Lei Ting, who is well known by the public with her album "love is not me - Lei Ting". She has conquered many music fans with her own magnetic voice and solid foundation. I still remember the first time I listened to Lei Ting's special love for special you, I was attracted. Compared with the original version of the male voice, Lei Ting's version of the main song was warm and calm in the treble, the chorus was thick and sweet in the midrange, and the lovely way of articulation made the whole song unexpected, with a little girl's innocence and childishness. When listening, I couldn't help smiling, It's like appreciating a little poem full of girlish feelings.

If you like mature intellectual female voice, Tan Yan, known as one of the hot pop divas, should not disappoint you. Her slightly granular sound line contains full explosive power, with a bit of rippling tenderness in the vicissitudes, and the sand sound is full of relaxation magnetism. Among the works currently circulating, the author believes that Tan Yan's personal characteristics can be best shown in "don't let my tears stay with me overnight" on the song list: the climax part "don't let my tears stay with me overnight / don't let your kiss leave the aftertaste" fits seamlessly with her voice line full of vicissitudes of life, and each nasal sound and voice transfer place reveals a strong sense of bitterness, Listen, goose bumps get up. It's not too much to say that it's a second kill of other cover versions.

Finally, this is Gong Yue, the most low-key and mysterious of the five well-known hifi female voices. Although you may not have an impression of her name, there is a famous saying in the hifi industry: wherever there are Chinese songs, Gong Yue's song must flow. In 2007, her first album "folk song Red" sold more than 60000 copies. Classic songs such as "father" and "ZOUXIKOU" made enthusiasts never forget. Now I will often review Gong Yue's sleeping with your name. The whole song is delicate and moist, especially the chorus "I will sleep with your name / write the brightest you in my heart", which is very consistent with Gong Yue's sweet voice. My ears are like drinking a mouthful of honey. The beautiful bright but non exciting tone will not be tired after listening for a long time.

After reading here, maybe everyone has heard their representative songs, but has not heard of the real lossless sound source. The lossless music resources widely spread on the Internet are generally classical music and jazz. For example, there are not many high fidelity sound sources for these top female voices with fever, and there are few systematic customized song lists. The general streaming music software can only find songs with compressed sound quality. There will be a big gap between these resources and the original in the expressive power of human voice. If you want to pursue good music, you don't have to listen to defective inferior goods. Therefore, only music software with the characteristics of large number of resources, good song list quality and lossless sound source can let you experience the advantages of these top female voices with fever. After trying various music software on the market, the author finally found Viper hifi app that can provide you with these high-quality experiences.

In terms of experience results, compared with other similar software, the biggest highlight of viper hifi is the powerful online lossless song resource library. According to the author's understanding, Viper hifi has now collected more than 20 million hifi songs, and there are as many as 500000 hi res songs alone. The author searched the name of "Leiting" at will, and more than 400 CD song resources with sound quality above pop up. It's very convenient not to ask for sound sources everywhere on the Internet.

In addition to do it yourself search, Viper hifi also has a caution machine customized for lazy people and friends with selection difficulties, which is the song list function updated regularly. Every week, the official professional hifi editor will update the content of the music library according to the user's preferences, and sort out the recommended song lists with different themes, such as the classic Cantonese collection, the works collection of minority independent bands, the non-destructive audition album of feverish vocals, etc. you don't have to bother to listen to anything. Just click it to open it is a large wave of selected music.

Of course, if weight is not quality, Viper hifi is just an ordinary music app. The reason why it makes the author excited is that it has a good control over sound quality. Like many top female voices with fever mentioned above, you can search CD sound quality resources above 44KHz on Viper hifi, and many even reach the lossless standard of 96KHz hi res, which can be said to be a real "high fidelity". In order to test the quality of these sound sources, the author specially uses kugou X1 high-resolution circle iron headphones to broadcast sun Lu's "come across the sea to see you" to see what experience will be under the "whole process hifi" promoted by kugou: Sun Lu's slightly hoarse voice becomes softer, some words and sentences can be chewed carefully, and a slightly choking snort can be felt, As the background sound, the sliding strings of piano and guitar are naturally not abrupt. When the whole song is first heard, it is clear and light, but the more it is tasted, the more charming it is. Then the author switched to the sweet wind sleeping with your name. After finding that with the blessing of high-quality sound source and hardware equipment, Gong Yue's dental sound problems mentioned by many enthusiasts have been properly controlled, which will not have the original burr listening feeling, but also add a lot of color to the human voice, which is more sweet and real.

In general, Viper hifi's more than 20 million hifi song library, professional song list recommendation function and high-quality music resources have helped enthusiasts solve the difficulty of finding suitable vocal debugging equipment. It is a mobile phone hifi software with more comprehensive functions among similar products. If you want to experience what the writer calls the top female voice charm, you might as well log in to the official website( )Or search the "Viper hifi" download software in the major mobile application markets, and search the keywords such as "toxic voice" or "top fever female voice" on the main page to find the selected song list of the above five female singers.

Inventory of Five Top Chinese Female Voices with Fever, Viper Ten Million Non-destructive Music Libr 1

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