If Rap Music Isn't Music then What Is Music and Why?


If Rap Music Isn't Music then What Is Music and Why? 1

1. Is there a "Netflix for music"?

Netflix will give you the best possible movie? hey you can create a free netflix account here bit.ly/1WFW3Q2

2. If rock music is satanic, what music isn't?

If rock music is satanic what does that make alternative rock?

If Rap Music Isn't Music then What Is Music and Why? 2

3. Writing Music question?

In some of the past bands I've been in the siner, or singer and guitar player usually worked out songs in the early stages. Then brought a basic version to the band for it to develop. We would start with a chord progression, maybe a few for a verse chorus and bridges. Then start adding melody, and afterwards would write lyrics to the melody. Later on as the band developed, the guitar bass, and drum players would just kind of jam on some things they had come up with recently and the singer would sit off to the side and brain storm lyrics/melodies to the music. Hope this helps!

4. Is music feasible for me?

You are what you want to be. There is nothing keeping you from going the music route except yourself. You should give yourself a chance and just go for it. A really good music teacher can find out very quickly if you have talent for any areas of music and you will never know unless you try. As for college, give it a few years and try again. Getting burned out simply is your mind telling you to take a break. I went back to college at 45 or so and now have a BA and MA.

5. Good music?

Kelly Clarkson,Mandy Moore, and Toby Keith. Not all of them are country and i do not know if they are on itunes but i like their songs. Hope This Helps!

6. Equalization in music

There are a few different types of EQ, but they all are used to adjust the frequency response of an audio signal. With the exception of a perfect sine wave, all sounds you hear are made up of multiple frequencies anywhere in the ideal audible spectrum from 20Hz (the lowest sound you might be able to hear) to 20kHz (the highest sound you might be able to hear if you are young and have perfect hearing).So, if you play an A on a musical instrument at 440 Hz, that will also be producing overtones at 880Hz, 1660Hz, etc. We perceive this blended tone as a single sound -- it's just the way our hearing works, and it's what makes a flute sound different than a saxophone. EQ will raise or lower the bass, mids, or treble of that sound. This is used in a lot of different contexts. As an example, if you are playing in a group, EQ can be used to carve out frequency space for each member of the band -- for instance, making sure the high-end of the bass is not interfering with the low-end of the guitar by rolling the lows off on the guitar and rolling the highs off on the bass. For mastering a full recording, EQ is used to fine-tune things like the amount of bass in the mix, or reducing piercing cymbal hits, etc

7. God i just love music especially rock music!?

For me it's Journey all day everyday lol

8. egyptian music?

Do a search on AOL for Egyptian music....Click on Egyptian music/ Egypt Focus.....There are alot of songs that you can play for free on there

9. what is a difference between rock music and pop music....?

Rock music is a popular genre of music, heavy on guitar and drums, originating from rock n' roll and blues/country/folk. Pop music is short for popular music, with short, simple songs using techno often aimed towards a youth audience. Pop music is very related to rock music. I personally like rock better.

10. Old Music Versus New Music?

I like both, but it depends on what i feel like listening to. Classical music can be very calm, as well as pretty intense, like Flight of the Valkyries. As far as more modern music goes, I just like Rock and Metal.

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