I'm Going to Let My Dog Drink Food Coloring with Me?

i'm going to let my dog drink food coloring with me?

I'm Going to Let My Dog Drink Food Coloring with Me? 1

I think you need to find something constructive to do with your time. Stay out of the kitchen cabinets

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how can I relax more when I'm having sex?

Yes get some lubricant and take your time

I'm Going to Let My Dog Drink Food Coloring with Me? 2

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How much should you feed a ball python?

Your feeding way to much, at that rate he could regurge it. You want to cut it down to like 2 mice a week. Do not feed so many in one feeding, even if he is still hungry. The best way to get him healthy again is to do it slowly, take your time. One of the redtails I rescued had not eaten in a year when I got her and was about as big around as my arm when she should have been as big around as my leg, one rat a week for 5 months got her where she needed to be. As far as a tank goes a 40 long is a good size for now Aspen bedding, about 2 inches deep Hida hut, on cool end Heating Lamp UVB lightbulb Undertank heating pad, undertank on side lamp is on Water bowl, large plastic dog bowl works, in between warm and cool ends He needs to have a day and night time, the lamp can be on during the day but at night it needs cut off and the heating pad needs turned on. Clean the tank once every two weeks by removing the snake and items, empty the dirty bedding, spray tank with water vinager solution and wipe down, but clean bedding in and set everything back to the way it was. Best wishes

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i am so stressed out i don't know what to do someone help me?

Tell your Mom how you feel about that because she should not compare you or nag you. I think you just need to learn how to manage your time. Do not even consider suicide. It's a waste of time even thinking about that. If it's really bad though, I would talk to someone about it, find help

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How can I increase my 100M. time for track?

Well, you can always "increase" your time easily. Decreasing though, which I know you meant, is different. Some things I would suggest are doing calf raises, jump squats, lunges, and jump lunges while keeping on the balls of your feet. For agility, box jumps and speed ladders seem to help. Also, try to increase your upper body strength if you have not already as that can help with pulling together strong form. On race day, I would lay out of the sun as much as possible and do not move around too much. Make sure to be stretching periodically. Try doing dynamic stretches (extend and retract) instead of static stretching. Finally, when you break off the blocks, make sure not to be standing up too early as your form will be too rigid and you will peak your speed to early and burn out the last 10-20 meters.

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GIRLD:my girlfriend just broke up with me because of this :(?

Well, that was a stupid reason for her to dump you. Sounds like she must have been in a bad mood as well. If you want to get back together with her, make a time to meet in person and tell her what happened. Do not do things over the phone, it's childish

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Ladies over 21 please help.....?

Just be yourself and calm down. When you meet someone and you fall in love it is meant to be. If it ends everything happens for a reason dont get hung up and waste your time wondering what is wrong with you. Maybe it is the girls that are mental not you.

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Making religious song out of nowhere?

If you can remember it and sing it, record it - even on just a cheap tape recording machine, just to "write it down", per se. Then you wo not have to worry about remembering it, and can take your time deciding how you want to present it, if you need an arranger to help you with instrumentation and such

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help!! does my ex like me?

do not got chasing after the wind! She obviously just does not like you now, maybe never did just wanted to be nice like she said. Anyway, you sound far to nice to be wasting your time 1.talking to her and 2.writing an essay on it

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