I Have a Baby Red Eared Slider (turtle) and He/she Wont Eat?

If you were covered with ants and then hauled off by a giant, you would not have much of an appetite either. If it goes for more than a week or two, try putting a small earthworm in the tank with the turtle

I Have a Baby Red Eared Slider (turtle) and He/she Wont Eat? 1

1. What do I need to properly care for a Red-eared slider turtle?

For 5 inches, I would say at least 25 gallons. However you will need to increase it as RES's can get quite large. Currently, we have a 55 gallon for a 5 inch turtle. You MUST have a basking area. If they can not get out and get dry they will get shell rot which means 1. a huge vet bill 2. death You must also have a UV light. I use reptisun 5.0 and buy them online (much cheaper than a pet store!!). If you decide to not use this or decide not to replace them every 8-12 months, your turtle will be come sick and eventually die. This light provides the UV, but to provide heat, we use a 40 watt bulb that hangs over the basking area. Food- we feed ours mainly turtle pellets but sometimes give fruits or veggies, or feeder fish. As for a filter, we have the largest filter possible (aquaclear 500?) which needs new parts every 3 months. Turtles are super dirty and make a mess quick. I love the aquaclear... I have had it for 3 years and its great. If you go with a smaller filter just be prepared to clean the tank more often (every week) and buy new parts (sponge, carbon) more often.

2. can i put my red eared slider in my koi pond?

he might hurt the fish. And possible disapear to live wild an free

I Have a Baby Red Eared Slider (turtle) and He/she Wont Eat? 2

3. How should I add custom brand slider in magento site.?

Magento will determine the template and package path for you so all you need to add for JS and CSS is I do see some JS files are added as CSS files, try the following

4. My Red Ear slider turtle?

in the event that they are youthful you must not have a topic keeping them at the same time in the start compatibility-smart, yet you should verify you have sufficient room for them later while they get enormous (as much as twelve inches of shell each and each!). while you are procuring the two as adults from a puppy save, it incredibly is recommended to observe and only verify you do no longer %. 2 extremely aggressive turtles. in case you have had one for a protracted time and are introducing yet another into the tank, you desire to be very careful. the guy who has been there longer will maximum possibly tutor indications of territorial aggression, wherein case one turtle will finally end up attacked and/or lifeless (i do not be responsive to what number times the latter happens, yet turtles do combat). see you later as you keep the tank sufficiently enormous (i could say a minimum of fifty 5 gallons for the two) and verify they do no longer combat, they must be ok. you are able to feed them in separate containers while you are frightened approximately them being grasping over food, yet once you start up doing this, you should save doing it, as they are going to conflict it out as quickly as you start up feeding them at the same time.

5. why is my Red Earred Slider turtle not eating? and why is his shell soft?

that is too quickly to start aggravating. toddler turtles with confusing shells could proceed to be egg-formed. It takes awhile for them to harden up. you are able to hasten this alongside with suitable foodstuff. stay foodstuff is the ultimate. No turtle can withstand earthwoms, a great source of calcium. Small fishes (no longer goldfish) and delicate-bodied bugs are eaten only. once you are able to't get stay foodstuff, feed it strips of liver dusted with bonemeal to offer the two the diet D and the calcium. and turn off the basking gentle at evening. Do you get a great evening's sleep with a staggering gentle on over your mattress?

6. What do I do if my Red Eared Slider get's "Hump Shell"???

Pyramiding Overfeeding leads to an unhealthy large intake of protein and fat. This intake leads to rapid growth, which can cause shell pyramiding. Too much protein can also cause internal organ damage like kidney failure. The scutes on the carapace are not smooth as they should be and appear in a pyramid shape. There are varying degrees of severity, and the areas between scutes may not have their normal strength. This is a completely avoidable situation. The diet really needs to be corrected and treats or anything carrying large amounts of protein should be reduced. Avoid giving in to the begging and make sure no one is offering additional food. If not immediately corrected, pyramiding is a permanent disability Also make sure your turtle has proper lighting. UVB's primary importance for your RES is stimulating the natural production of the vitamin D3. This vitamin is required for the metabolization of dietary calcium and together with the calcium, plays a roll in the prevention of illnesses such as Metabolic Bone Disease. UVB rays, also out of the visible range, have UV wavelengths of 315-280 nm which are also referred to as Medium Wave. UVB causes sunburn and skin cancer in people. Exercise caution when looking at these bulbs directly.

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