How to Get a New Business

It depends on your cookies. Since I do not visit many political sites but mostly business sites, I get all sorts of adds about business and investments

How to Get a New Business 1

1. When do you think will EUV lithography be ready for business? Why has it seen poor yields in newer nodes so far?

It's kind of ready. Almost. Depends on your process and budget.Why there is no definitive answer? Because theoretically the technology is in the manufacturing world - so you are able to print significantly smaller features vs. the usual 193 nm immersion but there are some downsides:The run rate is low due to power source issues.The defect level is high - resulting in lower yields. The cost of manufacturing is very high - see 1 and 2.It does no solve the very high complexity of high end processes - only reduces the masks split a little.When we will see widespread usage of EUV in all major manufacturing Fabs? Probably in 2-3 years. But it will be used for very specific layers on high end nodes only and the "old"immersion DUV will still be the main "work horse".The main reason for that is a huge delay in EUV readiness ( 10 years) and the need of the industry to invent new ways to continue scaling with 193 nm immersion tools. This is the time were double, triple and quad patterning were born and successful implemented. And those methods will not be replaced in the next 10 years.Read more here:Daniel Fishman's answer to Why has the microfabrication industry not pursued a photolithography light source below 193 nm, other than 13.5 nm?Daniel Fishman's answer to Why is extreme ultraviolet lithography technology so difficult and expensive?When do you think will EUV lithography be ready for business? Why has it seen poor yields in newer nodes so far?.

2. Does Soros think we are so Dumb is he takes down Fox News we will become Obambam Fans?

You are exactly right. We wo not stop watching FOX News, it's the only place to get the truth. Media Matters has been overheard saying that they will now target Rupert Murdock in his commercial endeavers. Maybe we can send e-mails to show our support? I am not sure what else to do except get the word out. George Soros has said that he is like God because of the things he is able to control. He is already responsible for collapsing 4 economies and is working on the U.S. behind the scenes right now. Obama is helping him. You can not believe what Obama says, watch what he does. In 2009 he went to the Caterpillar headquarters in Illinois and gave a speech on how he was going to make sure that in the future it would be easier to do business in the U.S. Now Caterpillar is considering moving its headquarters overseas because they can not afford to do business in the U.S. anymore.

How to Get a New Business 2

3. What should my approach be to get a marketing job at a startup?

Come up with a strategy of how they can develop business ready when you talk to them in detail. Talk to some of their customers on their product lines to prove your understanding of the product and the market

4. Starting a video game store?or a arcade/billards which one would you start and why?

Arcade's are dead. Have been for close to 10 years. Why? Because the home consoles have become so powerful, arcade machines cannot compete for that same dollar. Why pay 75 cents to play one 3 minute game when you can play anyone around the world from your home. Online gaming has absolutely killed the arcade. As for a video game store, the minute you open your small, independent shop, Gamestop will move in across the street and run you out of business. I do not mean to be a cynic, I have just see it happen time and time again. None of the three choices would bring in a profit for 2-3 years. Not being cynical, just being realistic.

5. Is there a feasible route by which UK housing can be made more affordable without devastating the housebuilding sector and its employees?

Is it even possible for a government to control the price of houses when they are sold? I guess they could dictate to constructors, but it's less easy to tell individual homeowners what they can ask for their house.If it is possible, then how about this approach...?Over the next N years, mandate that house sale prices go down by X% each year. At the same time mortgage lenders must reduce the size of existing mortgages by the same percentage. The borrower is therefore protected from negative equity and benefits from lower interest. The lender suffers, because they bought the money to lend at one price and will now possibly get less back. Possibly they bought it from overseas (outside our jurisdiction). But, if the government sets N and X well, the lender does not have to go out of business and this could be described as them "paying back the taxpayer for the bail-out we gave them in 2008"

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