How Many of These IPhone Designs Have You Used?

Although apple is not as good as in previous years, it is undoubtedly still a benchmark in the mobile phone industry. Many mobile phone designs are not a precedent for Apple mobile phones, but they are only popular after Apple mobile phones are used, which has attracted other brands of mobile phones to follow suit. Let's take a look.


As soon as iPhone X was released last September, it caused an uproar. In addition to comprehensive screen and face recognition, the most discussed nature is the Qi bangs of iPhone X. Most of the voices on the Internet are Tucao's design, which make complaints about the use experience.

However, many domestic mobile phones or new machines released or exposed this year have used Qi bangs, which makes people cry and laugh.

Some netizens joking: they make complaints about each other.

Wireless charging

Samsung has worked silently in the field of wireless charging for a long time, but there is no fire. As soon as the iPhone 8 was released last September, it successfully set off an upsurge of wireless charging. The emergence of new things can always successfully arouse everyone's curiosity. Many users want to experience what wireless charging is like.

Although there are few mobile phones supporting wireless charging on the market, it does not affect netizens' experience of wireless charging. Because as long as you want, any brand of mobile phone can be equipped with wireless charging.

Cancel headphone hole

Since iPhone 7, Apple has no longer designed headphone holes alone. Headset hole headset and make complaints about iPhone wireless headphones were released at the time of the 7 iPhone.

Netizens have all kinds of brain holes. Jokes and comics have emerged in a short time. It's really a master among the people.

But mobile phone make complaints about mobile phone headset holes. But Nubian, hammer, millet and HTC have launched the phone that cancels the headset hole. Canceling the earphone hole can save a lot of space for the mobile phone and strengthen the waterproof performance of the mobile phone. It is reasonable for many mobile phones to follow suit.

fingerprint identification

People who have used fingerprint identification should be the most. After all, both flagship machines and thousand yuan machines on the market have used fingerprint identification function. But do you know how fingerprint identification started? Yes, it comes from apple.

As early as 1988, Siemens developed the first mobile phone equipped with fingerprint identification technology, but it was not mass produced. Later, other brands of mobile phones launched fingerprint identification mobile phones, but it has not been warm. Until 2013, Apple launched the iPhone 5S with push fingerprint identification. Since then, fingerprint identification has become the standard configuration of almost all brand flagship machines. Now many thousand yuan machines are also equipped with fingerprint identification.

What do you think of the phenomenon that many brand phones often follow Apple phones? Listen to your unique opinions in the comments area.

How Many of These IPhone Designs Have You Used? 1

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