How Long Can a Desktop Computer Last?

How long can a desktop computer last?

How Long Can a Desktop Computer Last? 1

Although a machine may continue working, the advances in software and hardware technology effectively limit the viable life of a computer to 7 to 10 years. It's not the computer, its the technology used on the web

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What should I look for in a desktop computer?

Any basic pc will go online. But as far as blue ray's, you will prob spen around 500-900 for a good they have really good deals for you to check out. Have fun :)

How Long Can a Desktop Computer Last? 2

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What brand of desktop computer is the best?

it depends on what you want from your computer.. the Apple mac if you wnat it for work and other projects, they store vast amounts of data and files and keep on going.. but if you want to play music games art surfing ect, something upgradable duel/quad cpu's 250mb navidia gforce graghics at least 1gb ram. . . build to your own specifications and experiment thats the best way to learn!! or there are plenty of sales on threw the year curry,s have some in the press right now. shop around you get xp or vista included both premium or basic. but xp is the better i would stick with xp just get the best deal with the power you want thats all that counts!! the make or brand name in this case is just not relevant, if they where that bad, how would they reach your high street store? its your choice.

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Term for main part of desktop computer

In IT it will often be referred to as just box. The problem with the term computer computer is that it's often used quite generally, and can refer to the whole 'There's something wrong with Sue's computer' - could mean that the mouse is faulty. Whereas 'There's something wrong with Sue's box' explicitly tells us that it's something to do with the computer unit

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Should i buy laptop or a desktop computer?

Depends on what yon plan to use it for...If you want it for a stay at home check e-mail play games ,download music , etc I woud get a Desktop.If you are more of a business man or traveler I would go with a laptop because of their ease of wireless internett and the capability of doing pretty much whatever a desktop can. Negatives and Positives for... Desktops are not verry portable and take up a good deal of space they are cheaper for the most part and have much more memory than a taptop. Laptops are in a little more fragile dont have near as much hard drive space and unless you have a wireless ethernett connection hooking and unhooking from printers ,scanners cameras etc can be a pain but for there size, portibility cappable speeds and accessaries and the fact of filling up the hard drive space they do have would be kind of hard they can be pretty great too. So it is really all up to what you need and want in a computer.

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when my computer comes on, the screen (desktop) is centered to quarter size,?

If this is a desktop computer and not a laptop, there should be dials or buttons on the front of your monitor you can use to adjust brightness, contrast, as well as the width and height of the picture on the screen

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What is a good gaming desktop computer?

Best option is to build your own, but if you do not feel like learning how/do not have the time to do it, you can get one from many places. I recommend doing research to find what is right for you, but some companies you may want to look at are Maingear, Digital Storm, Falcon Northwest, Origin, and Cyberpower And no, after Alienware was bought by Dell their quality has gone down (in my opinion), so I would suggest avoiding them unless you really like what they have

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should I get a Gateway 6000 Desktop computer or Gateway E6300 Desktop computer?

Gateway E6300

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Which laptop is better for a student?

I am not sure if this answers your question, but I have a desktop computer. No-one I know uses their laptops in class at uni, only at home. They are often too bulky/ heavy to take to lecture halls (the desks are really small), so most people use paper for in class and a computer at home.

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