How Do I Buy Foreclosed Home/short Sale/bank Owned.?

How do I buy foreclosed home/short sale/bank owned.?

How Do I Buy Foreclosed Home/short Sale/bank Owned.? 1

1. Same amount of time. 2. 3. Hire an experienced REALTOR who knows the ins and outs of foreclosures, REO's and short sales.

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How long does it take for a home to go from short sale to foreclosure?

It really depends on the bank. They control the destiny of the short sale and the foreclosure

How Do I Buy Foreclosed Home/short Sale/bank Owned.? 2

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Why are real estate agents discouraging me from viewing short sales?

they might get a small commission. this is why i HATE some agents. 1 house is 4% commission for them. another is 3%, and 2 of them are only 2%. which one do you think they will persuade you to buy? they will take you to the 4% one first. then the 3%. also, if a agent is selling 5 houses, and your a buyer, do you think they will show you houses selling by other agetns first, OR the ones they are selling so they can hope to get full commission? they are not completly honest. when your a buyer and call a house for sale from the for sale sign, the seller agent will always say" I CAN HELP YOU BUY IT" they really want to represent you ALSO, so they get to sell it AND find a buyer so they get full commision. they will also tell the seller right away what your highest offer is, but if you ask the seller agent what is the lowest they will accept, they will NOT tell you. does that sound like the ethics they say in commercials " WE ARE HONEST AND WANT THE BEST FOR YOU" they are liers.

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i have a real estate question about short sales, if you know ANYTHING about real estate please read?

I just bought a short sale for the listed price. What the real estate agent is referring to is, in a short sale, the lender usually waits to see if any higher offers come in. In some cases they do, in my case they did not . It can go either way but, regardless, the wait can be nerve racking for the buyer

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How do you get cheap foreclosure homes or short sales?

i think you in this decrease back breaking loan. First decide how lots you are authorized for a loan. nevertheless the economic corporation might approve you for a particular fee, attempt to discover a house under what your approval fee is. foreclosures and short sale properties might nicely be a great purchase in case you pay interest to each element and make useful there's no longer something which will pull you in a hollow including taxes, harm accomplished to the living house, the community, and so on.... in order that which you be responsive to, there are living house that went into foreclosures the place human beings will smash in and thieve each and every little thing from the bogs, kitchen cabinets, ceiling followers, and so on... so once you circulate look on the properties, take all into attention. Make out a catalogue of issues that are significant to you and take that record to the living house viewings. Ask questions, carry out contained in the community, consult from the acquaintances, and so on. prepare negotiating skills and you will possibly desire to finally end up with a great purchase.

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While waiting for a bank to decide on a short sale who pays ongoing costs of empty house?

that must be in accordance with no count if the financial enterprise desires to settle for those words. you may put in your supply that they might pay for such and such quantity of advertising costs, and that they might make a call no count if or not they wanted to or not. it is a robust thank you to get your supply rejected. basically, short sales are a great sufficient discomfort as is, and you want to characteristic as little b.s. as you likely can. inquiring for issues like paying final costs, repairing issues, contigency on advertising your place all make your supply much less alluring to them. Your suited wager is a money supply without frilly clauses. in basic terms previous that, an supply with a pre-approved loan and no frilly clauses stands a great threat. in case you like the homestead, and you will't locate the money for to pay final costs, make the supply, and notice what occurs. besides the fact that, in case you wo not be able to locate the money for that, the will arises to think again how plenty you may locate the money for to purchase a house altogether. bear in mind that, together as paying for a short sale, you may assume to attend very long sessions of time for something to get completed. something much less may well be a great ask your self. it is likewise entirely available that the quick sale will by no potential close, and the homestead will circulate to foreclosures. except getting that house is a need (relatively than a great locate), it must be properly worth finding at your different thoughts

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