Given $Htriangleleft G, Kle G $, $;Knsubseteq H,;$ and $(G:H) = P$, $;p$ Prime, Prove $HK=G$

By this formula: $$ [G : H] = [G : HK][HK : H] $$Since $[G : H] = p$ is prime, one of $[HK : H]$ and $[H : HK]$ must be $1$. It cannot be $[HK : H]$ because $K

ot subset H$ so $HK

e H$. This forces $[G : HK] = 1$ and hence $G = HK$.

Given $Htriangleleft G, Kle G $, $;Knsubseteq H,;$ and $(G:H) = P$, $;p$ Prime, Prove $HK=G$ 1

1. Exact sequence from $G=G_0supset G_1supset G_2supsetcdotssupset G_r=e$

You misread the exercise. It saysShow how to 'connect' $e$ to $G$ by means of $r$ exact sequences of groups, involving only $e$, $G$ and the quotients $H_i = G_i/G_i1$.So you are not supposed to find a single exact sequence connecting $e$ to $G$, but rather $r$ seperate ones. I think the exercise in that form still contains a typo and should read "involving only $e$, $G_i$ and the quotients $H_i = G_i/G_i1$". Then you can take (writing $1$ for $e$) beginmatrix 1 & to & G_1 & to & G & to & H_0 & to & 1, 1 & to & G_2 & to & G_1 & to & H_1 & to & 1, & & & & vdots & & & & 1 & to & G_r-1 & to & G_r-2 & to & H_r-2 & to & 1, 1 & to & 1 & to & G_r-1 & to & H_r-1 & to & 1. endmatrix

2. A normal subgroup of $G$ is a subgroup of the center of $G$.

Every $p-$group is nilpotent and $Hlhd G$ so $Hcap Z(G)

ot=1$ and since $H$ is of prime order it has to be $Hcap Z(G)=H$

Given $Htriangleleft G, Kle G $, $;Knsubseteq H,;$ and $(G:H) = P$, $;p$ Prime, Prove $HK=G$ 2

3. Prove that GS generates G

By assumption, there is some $g Gsetminus S$. Then $g^-1 Gsetminus S$ as well.And for any $s S$, you also have $sg Gsetminus S$, so just write $s = sgg^-1 (G setminus S) (Gsetminus S)$

4. POLL : G OR N ?

yeh G. fave letter in the alphabet. after P. and C. and H

5. inequality $ [f(G):f(f(G))]leq [G:f(G)] $

My original proof only works for finite group, thus is not good. We may take another way. Suppose for $iin I$, $h_i f(f(G))$ are disjoint left cosets of $f(f(G))$ in $f(G)$. Since $h_iin f(G)$, we may assume $h_i=f(g_i)$. Now we prove $g_i f(G)$ is disjoint left cosets of $f(G)$ in $G$. It suffices to show that $g_i^-1g_j

otin f(G)$ for $i

ot=j$. Suppose on the contrary, if $g_i^-1g_jin f(G)$, we have $f(g_i^-1)f(g_j)in f(f(G))$, i.e., $h_i^-1h_jin f(f(G))$, contradicting the disjointness of $h_i f(f(G))$. Now choose $h_i$ properly so that $h_i f(f(G))$ is a left coset decompostion. We have $[f(G):f(f(G))]=|I|$. But $g_i f(G)$ are disjoint left cosets of $f(G)$ in $G$, so $[G:f(G)]geq |I|$. Thus we are done.

6. Topological Group $G$ totally disconnected $Rightarrow$ $G$ hausdorff?

A space $X$ is Hausdorff if and only if the diagonal $Delta subseteq X times X$ is closed. In the case of a topological group, the diagonal can be described as the preimage of $1$ under the map $Xtimes X to X : (x, y) mapsto xy^-1$, and a point is closed in a disconnected space

7. Give an example of a group $G$ where $n|ord(G)$ but there is no $gin G$ such that $ord(g)=n$

Try $S_3$ with $n=6$, where $S_3$ denotes the symmetric group on $3$ symbols

8. Let $H$ act on $G$ by right multiplication. $displaystyle g_1 in O_g_2 iff g_2^-1 g_1in H$

Since $H$ is acting on $G$ by right multiplication, the orbit of $g_1$ is $g_1H$, the left coset of $H$ by $g_1$. To be more precise $$O_g=hcdot g : hin H= gh^-1 : hin H = gh:hin H= gH. $$ Then the rest of the argument seems fairly clear. If anything is still confusing you, let me know.

9. Recover Poisson bracket on $C[G]$ using the Lie cobracket $delta: g to Lambda^2 g$

You have the Poisson bivector explicitly at every point $exp(a)$ and you know that it is multiplicative. When $delta=dr$ was exact you wrote it like $exp(a).r-r.exp(a)$.You have some functions and you need to decompose their differentials in terms of the basis of one forms that you wrote the bivector in. That way when you write $pi ( df wedge dg)$ you will just be reading off some coefficients. If you knew $f=a_j_1a_j_2cdots$,$g=a_i_1 cdots$ were factorizations where the Poisson bivector was written with a sum of $fracpartialpartial a_k wedge fracpartialpartial a_l$ kinds of terms, you would have written them in a dual pair of bases so the computation would be easier. See Gekhtman Shapiro Vainshtein

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