Dumpster Cleaners: How They Save Money When They Are Used

I dont think they are worth the money. Gm makes some stuff called top engine cleaner and it does work. I used it on a truck that had 175k miles on it. It really helped. You could tell a big difference in performance. You have to buy it at the GM dealership. But it works for any brand of car. I put half in the tank and the rest down the intake with the engine running and warm. You will have to keep a hand on the throttle likage to keep the engine from stalling out.

Dumpster Cleaners: How They Save Money When They Are Used 1

1. What do hotel room cleaners do with stuff you forget and leave behind?

All the hotels holds big record for the all the lost and found items in a room. TheIf a guest left ite of his belongings (informing hosue keeping the or front office) by himself then the room boy in cleans the relevant room can have it.All the guest checkout room are checked by housekeeping before they leave the hotel but this checking up is only limited for damages in the room if any or any mini bar charges. If some it lies on a bed or like visible as soon they are swishing aournd the room housekeepingto front office. After 6 months or sometimes 3 months all the item that are not claimed back or not any inquiries filed so far is displayed on staff auction and sold to the highest bidder.But some hotels , keeping the records along with the staff member name, who notices and handover the lost good to housekeeping after 6 or 3 months this good is officially belonging to the above found person

2. Can I house a Pleco with a Betta fish?

You may be able to get away with a bristlenose pleco but I do not recommend it. They only get between 3 to 5 inches long but they can be territorial and if you get a mean one, it will bully the betta. I have a mean 3" bristlenose that was not willing to share a 40 breeder with 3 terracotta pots and a huge piece of driftwood with a smaller bristlenose and a baby Jack Dempsey. It actually had the stones to attack a cichlid so nasty it was named after a heavyweight boxer in a tank that is way understocked. The link I posted as a source says it is technically okay in a 10 gallon but I would not try it. A betta and 3 otto cats or cory cats would be fine in either tank if you are looking for cleaners. Also, most tetras and other community fish like guppies are fine. There are people who say you can not keep male bettas with guppies. I have had six bettas over the years and I can personally assure you that this is complete BS. I have kept male bettas with male and female guppies in a community tank with absolutely no problems before. Honestly, most people tend to get fish like tiger barbs that nip the betta's fins instead of the other way around. The betta being mean is the last thing you should worry about. When you add the new fish, if you have the betta in the tank first, it has an established territory. The betta will chase whatever you put in there around and try to nip it. This is normal and has led to a lot of clowns saying that you can not keep other fish with bettas. The part that they leave out is that in about a day, the betta realizes that the other fish are not a threat and begins to pal up with them. This is what happened with EVERY single one of my bettas. I once ended up with a tattered male guppy in the betta's tank, probably because it was too slow to get away but when I put the same betta in the guppy tank, everything was fine. One of the two bettas that I own is sharing its tank with a female guppy right now and the other was in with male guppies and glowlight tetras until this morning when I adopted them out (I am moving).

Dumpster Cleaners: How They Save Money When They Are Used 2

3. Green Cleaners Vs. Regular Cleaners?

I like ordering my cleaning products of off mothernature.com. Its all natural, no harsh smells, and gets the cleaning done. One reason I do not like Clorox is because they test on animals, and none of the products from mothernature.com test on animals :)

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