Does Sex Become Boring After Being with the Same Partner for a Long Time?

Does sex become boring after being with the same partner for a long time?

Does Sex Become Boring After Being with the Same Partner for a Long Time? 1

Absolutely does.For the longest, my girlfriend and I had the same exact routine for several years and I did get bored.Missionary, side to side, doggy, her on top, standing up, etc.To add in some spice, I decided to try something new a few weeks back, and it was something we talked about, but never tried. While having sex, I decided to say it, and I took out my penis, and decided to go down on her in between penetration. She was shocked, but unsurprisingly, she finished 3 times during this session. What typically happens, she only finishes once from penetration, and then I finish once. Being we were stuck in a loop, this was the expected outcome sadly.So I went down on her, and she went down on me.Even still, I have a hard time finishing inside of her mouth. Being its only been done once, I still may test it out and simply ask her if she minds.But getting a little bit more dirty was required in order to keep our sex life a bit more interesting.Giving oral does help

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Blaming others or taking responsibility?

My parents would be completely perplexed that I spend so much time on this forum. I would have a hard time explaining it too

Does Sex Become Boring After Being with the Same Partner for a Long Time? 2

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Can I return this item?

If you still have the tags even though they are not still on the bag you can definitely return it. If you threw away or misplaced the tags the people at Kohl's may give you a hard time but since you have the receipt and because you never used it they have no choice but to let you return or exchange the bag for something else

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I'm having trouble with balancing out my life and school. Any advise?

i totally understand. Every one has a hard time! Just try and take about 1hr.4school and w/e

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Hard time getting started on the drums?

I taught myself to play drums without a drum kit. Here what i did. Since i was 9, i listened to a lot of Green Day. So, what i would to is, i would put on my headphones, and air drum. You listen to the song, listen for the Hi Hat, and when the cymbals are being hit. Start with hitting the hi hat, cymbals and snare :) Then, add the rest of the pieces in later when u feel comfortable that you are on time. I did this and am 15 now and got my drumset THIS christmas. I have to admit that i am more than descent on it. If you would like, i could make some videos for you. I would be more than happy to help. I love music

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What to do about this African Spider Monkey..?

Racist! EDIT: JK lol. I just felt like giving you a hard time. :D.

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Do you have an article of clothing that you love and wear even though it's paper thin and full of holes?

several, I have a hard time parting with things

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Having a hard time giving my cat pills?

this depends on what is in the pill. is it supposed to be crushed? my cat has epilepsy & has to have phenobarbital 2 times every day i had a difficult time at first. when I tried adding it to wet food he responded by going on food strike -- some people do have success dosing their cats in their food then I tried pill pockets & he would nibble pill pocket & spit pill out then I tried crushing in pill pockets & that worked a couple of times so. what I finally found that worked. variety. crush the pill & put it on a bit of this sliced ham dampened with water & then crumble the ham up to make the crushed pill work through all the crumbled ham same thing with thin sliced chicken use 3 pill pockets, roll them into dough, work crushed pill into that dough then put small amounts of that dough between 2 high-value treats. so for example, Blue Buffalo Chicken & Duck . essentially making a kitty version of ice cream sandwiches crush pill & put inside a raw chicken heart. then cut heart into little pieces some of my friends in a group for epileptic cats have great success with cheese wiz some have great success with baby food (make sure it does not have onion or garlic) some crush & mix with water and a tad of honey & administer with oral syringe

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