Detailed Explanation of NFC Application Function of Short-range Wireless Communication Technology

In recent years, with the development of smart phones, some emerging technologies have also come out, such as early Bluetooth, infrared and recent fingerprint and voice control. Once launched, they have been highly praised and loved by the majority of consumers. However, some unpopular technologies have been tepid in the following years. Although major manufacturers are willing to promote them, facing this market, But I can't do it. Speaking of this, I believe some users have guessed what technology the author is talking about. Don't be disappointed if you haven't guessed. Maybe your mobile phone doesn't support this technology, or it hasn't turned on and enabled you to use this technology at all. As for what this technology is, the author no longer talks about it, that is NFC, the full name of near field communication, that is, short-range wireless communication technology.

NFC technology is a non-contact identification and interconnection technology jointly developed by Philips and Sony, which can carry out short-range wireless communication between mobile devices, portable electronic products, PCs and intelligent control tools. It can be understood as a function similar to Bluetooth, but compared with Bluetooth, NFC is simpler in function implementation, allowing consumers to simply and intuitively exchange information and access content and services. However, in real life, what functions NFC can achieve is believed to be the most concerned point of the majority of consumers and users. Therefore, in this issue of Fengkuang encyclopedia, the author will briefly introduce the NFC function application and technical knowledge, hoping to help you when using this function.

NFC development history

NFC function is mainly used by mobile phones and has become popular in recent years, but its origin starts from 2003. At that time, Philips and Sony planned to develop a compatible wireless communication technology based on contactless card technology. Therefore, Philips sent a team to Japan to work with Sony engineers to develop this technology. In three months, the two companies jointly released their R & D achievements, namely a wireless communication technology compatible with the current iso14443 contactless card protocol, and named it NFC (near field communication).

In order to promote the development and popularization of NFC, in 2004, Philips, Sony and Nokia jointly established a non-profit Industry Association - NFC forum, which aims to promote the implementation and standardization of NFC technology and ensure collaborative cooperation between equipment and services. NFC forum has hundreds of members around the world, including Nokia, Sony, Philips, LG, Motorola, NXP, NEC, Samsung, atoam and Intel. The Chinese members include Meizu, Bubugao, vivo, oppo, Xiaomi, China Mobile, Huawei, ZTE, Shanghai Tongyao and Taiwan Zhenglong.

NFC principle information

In principle, NFC exchanges data through contactless point-to-point data transmission (within ten centimeters) between standby devices. This mode is similar to infrared and can be used for data exchange, but the transmission distance is short, the transmission creation speed is faster, the transmission speed is faster, and the power consumption is low. In terms of specific use, users can link two devices with NFC function to realize data point-to-point transmission, such as downloading music, exchanging pictures or synchronizing the device address book.

In terms of technology, NFC is very similar to Bluetooth. They are short-range communication technologies and are integrated into mobile phones. But NFC does not require complex setup procedures. Therefore, NFC can also simplify the Bluetooth function. But its speed is not as fast as Bluetooth. The maximum data transmission capacity of NFC is 424 kbit / s, which is much less than Bluetooth v2.1 (2.1 Mbit / s).

NFC officially put into use

Since NFC came out in 2003, it has been favored and supported by many enterprises with its excellent security and easy-to-use characteristics. Therefore, in 2005, visa and Philips began to cooperate in major NFC tests at the Phillips stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. Subsequently, France and Taiwan also conducted relevant application tests in the same year.

Until 2007, the NFC test project was officially started in China, and the test sites included several cities including Beijing, Xiamen and Guangzhou. The test equipment is the Nokia 6131i model with built-in NFC chip launched by Nokia. This mobile phone pre downloads a traffic card that can be used in the municipal transportation system. With this mobile phone, users can buy tickets and shop in some shopping malls by opening a prepaid account. Due to the huge market potential in China, tens of millions of consumers joined NFC during the test period in China. Therefore, this year is also known as the "application launch" year of NFC.

After the popularity and successful promotion of NFC in China, related NFC devices also emerge in endlessly. In addition to NFC enabled mobile phones, in 2011, rim, a BlackBerry manufacturer, and hid global, a provider of security access card and card reader, announced that some of rim's new BlackBerry phones will be equipped with hid Global's iCLASS digital certificate. BlackBerry Bold and curve phones configured with NFC can be compatible with hid global ICLASS readers, which are widely used in building access control systems, student ID readers, tracking employee check-in and attendance.

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Detailed Explanation of NFC Application Function of Short-range Wireless Communication Technology 1

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