Despite the Lack of Flash/usb Port, Will You Consider the IPad?

If you are worried about the Apple lock-in, then do not buy the device. It offers me nothing an iTouch does not , and I have no intention to get one of them either. I do not think they are particularly worried about non i-tunes content, they jut do not want to compete with more cost effective memory options, plus want to sell their camera accessory.

Despite the Lack of Flash/usb Port, Will You Consider the IPad? 1

1. Ruined Surface Pro's USB port

Yes, it is possible to power a USB device using methods like the ones you describe. It's also possible that a powered USB hub would do the trick. You need one that works properly, not the one that burned out your port. Internally, (unless they've changed things again), the USB port derives its power using a separate power controller chip. This chip is in turn controlled by a signal that comes from the USB controller. And the whole thing is managed by the driver software. Speaking of which, if you have not yet, do a shutdown and restart of the tablet. Sometimes the USB power is turned off because the driver saw it was overloaded

2. Can an android tablet be booted from a usb port?

hi.i might advise going with an android based pill like the unique galaxy pill.that would desire to be low will get get admission to to android. Kindle hearth I heard is a stable device too

Despite the Lack of Flash/usb Port, Will You Consider the IPad? 2

3. My phone is notifying me that my USB port is wet - how long will it take to dry?

hope yours was an LG phone and showing the Symbol USB Port is wet that was a sensor failure and if you are using that phone on Ac Room or the temperature was too low it will show like that just restart and try with different adaptor / USB cable or switch off and keep charging

4. Is there an easy way to tell if my desktop computer usb port is high speed?

try plugging something into the usb hub... it it's low speed a window will pop up and tell you that it can run faster

5. What causes a notebook USB port to no longer recognize flash drives?

restore your computer to an earlier date when it was working ok. For xp. start-all programs-accessories-system tools-system restore

6. Repair USB port? or replace?

Not really why not buy a small usb hub to replace broken one.Otherwise its a new motherboard

7. I plugged in the camera and the usb port, nothing is flashing. why?

What camera? Only the very cheapest junk Vivitar cameras will charge from the USB port. You either need to plug in the wall charger and then into the camera, or take out the battery and put it in the charger. But since we have no idea what camera you have, not much else can be said. OK, there is the good old "Read the Manual" line

8. What would happen if you connected a computer through its USB port to another computer through its USB port?

You might want to look into USB on-the-go (OTG). That allows host to host communication. It wasnt in the original usb spec, and was only added later, so not every piece of hardware supports it

9. could i plug an internet signal booster into the USB port on my PS3?

Internet Booster Plug

10. how can you add a usb port?

yea just buy a USB hub that holds like 20 ports or one that holds 4 ports the 4 ports are only like 10-15 bucks

11. How many volts does the Xbox 360 usb port output?

i have no idea but its enough to charge mini appliances

12. Why can't my laptop detect my S3 phone?

Few Samsung phones have issues with their micro USB ports. Even my Galaxy Nexus has had this problem. The easiest way to fix it it use a pin(something shard) and push the micro USB port of the phone slowly and very carefully to the screen. I suggest you to take it to a authorized service center though

13. When I plug my microphone into the USB port my speakers won't play sound.. How can i get them to?

Samson Go Mic Settings

14. where's the usb port on my printer?

The HP Officejet R80 does not have a USB port. It only has a parallel port. Get a parallel port cable. A usb port is very small. On the back of your computer it will be a thin rectangle. On a printer, it's often a little square jack. They like to do that so you have to buy special cables. But as I said before, it does not look like that model has a USB port.

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