Dell Inspiron 535Hn 25.3-inch Laptop Review (Asus Prime Z390, Core I7 6740H/8GB/SSD 3.1

CONFIGURE USB PRINTER TO PRINT FROM DOS PROGRAMS written by Abbas Ahmadi A. Give your USB printer a Share Name 1. Click the "Start" button. A menu appears. 2. Choose the "Printer and Faxes" option. A window appears, showing all your printers: 3. Right click on your USB printer. In this example "hp deskjet 960c". A menu appears. 4. Choose the "Sharing" option. A window appears: 5. Click on the "Share this printer" option and give the printer a share name. For example HPDOS. Share names should be alphanumeric (the first letter must be an alphabetic character). Do not put any space in the share name: 6. Click the "OK" button. B. Determine the Name of Your Computer 1. Click the "Start" button. A menu appears 2. Choose the "Run" option. A window appears: 3. Type "CMD" and click the "OK" button. A black window appears. 4. Type: hostnameand press the Enter key. The name of your computer will be displayed. In this example, the name of computer is EX2006 C. Redirect the DOS printing to the USB printer 1. At the black window, type: net use LPT1 ext2006HPDOS /persistent:Yes and press the Enter key. 2. You must use your computer name instead of ext2006 and your printer's share name instead of HPDOS 3. The above command line can be inserted into the c:autoexec.bat use notepad to edit the file 4. To verify that the connection was successful, use this command: net view ext2006 and press the Enter key. You should be able to see the name of your computer and LPT1 and the share name, all on the same line. 5. To test that the printer has been successfully configured, at the command prompt, type: DIR > LPT1: and press the Enter key.Printer will print a directory listing. D. How to Delete the LPT1 Redirection 1. From the DOS command, type: NET USE LPT1 /DELETE and press the Enter key.

Dell Inspiron 535Hn 25.3-inch Laptop Review (Asus Prime Z390, Core I7 6740H/8GB/SSD 3.1 1

1. Which USB port does my printer plug into on my Dell Inspiron notebook?

Hey man just plug into any USB port you have and wallah let the OS, hardware and the bios configure itself and its usable thats the great features of pulg n play

2. What's the best way to clean ear wax out of a laptop keyboard and usb port?

Earbuds and the next time someone tells you to come over here (ear) to your PC do not take it

Dell Inspiron 535Hn 25.3-inch Laptop Review (Asus Prime Z390, Core I7 6740H/8GB/SSD 3.1 2

3. why dosnt my ipod touch charge when i plug it into the 2.0 usb port?

Yow! Sounds like you broke it to me. Sorry. I guess warranty repair work is out of the question in this case. Well, practice makes perfect

4. Can I convert a home VHS tape to digital through a receiver (DVB-T) and then record it using the USB port?

No, you need a device or card that can capture analog video and turn it into a digital format.A DVB-T receiver already receives a digital signal over the air. It cannot accept an analog signal from the VCR.

5. Is there a way to limit how much power is sent through a USB Port?

i think of the question pertains to those people who've a charger with 2 strategies for the usb out port to a splash iPod. the two are 5 volts, although that is 1A vs. 2.1A. it is turning out to be to be standard, yet a advice is under no circumstances secure. could there be any reason to not use 2. a million in case you like a quickly and thorough replace?

6. Is there a simple way to click a relay open and closed using the USB port of a laptop running XP?

Scanners work through a software interface called TWAIN, which is implemented in the driver DLLs for your scanner. I am not sure about Mathematica's ability to access DLL interfaces, but you should check the documentation. I do not see how Mathematica is involved: are you post-processing the images from the scanner somehow? Or just displaying them? You can split the problem into 2 parts: capture the image at regular intervals, and whatever else needs to look at the images can read the directory where the images are stored.

7. why do some usb drives make my usb port stop working?

some usbs only work on certain pcs

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