Could the Turbine Driven Power Generators in California Burn Coal If They Wanted To?

Could The turbine driven power generators in California burn coal if they wanted to?

Could the Turbine Driven Power Generators in California Burn Coal If They Wanted To? 1

Gas turbines .... no. steam driven turbines could use coal ... but to what advantage????

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Renewable energy sources such as wind or sun do not rely upon gasoline or diesel. Once installed, other than routine maintenance and repair the electricity is free and non poluting. During my time in the middle east I saw many homes with water heating tanks placed on their roofs. This is a very simple method of tapping solar energy. The first step in making such a system work is to reduce the energy requirements of the home. Change lighting to low power florescent instead of incandescent. Turn off items which are not in use. If each home had an independant source of electrical energy the demand on central generating stations would be greatly reduced and would likely be adequate.

Could the Turbine Driven Power Generators in California Burn Coal If They Wanted To? 2

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Where can I get to know about the best portable power generators?

I have bought one of these portable power generators from a successful campaign project on indiegogo . Itu2019s a basic battery-powered solar generator with a built-in inverter to convert the electricity. Many people may think that a simple solar charger would be just enough for their camping or hiking trip, but if they get to know that a portable solar generator can power all the mobile devices, gadgets and even laptops, they may consider such a solar generator for your next trip. Usually solar generators are heavier than ordinary solar chargers, because they turn the solar energy into powerful electric current which can charge a wider range of devices. We canu2019t charge a laptop with a much weaker solar charger. Thatu2019s why people has invented these solar portable generators.These suaoki s270 portable power generators offer about five times the capacity of the regular power ks for only three times the cost, which makes it a great companion for car camping or working outside, or as an addition to an emergency kit. They not only have dual 110V AC Outlet, but also have 4 DC Ports, 4 USB Ports, LED Flashlights for Camping Travel CPAP Emergency. Apart from the multiple outputs for many kinds of devices, I really like that the unit is pretty light (only 2.9lb. Easy to carry with one hand) and whatu2019s more most outputs can be used at the same time. For example, I can charge up to 4 gadgets together from the USB ports or 4 car accessories using the 12V DC output. The AC outputs support both 2 and 3 prong so I do not have any problem powering up my devices with this unit.Where can I get to know about the best portable power generators?

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ETQ Portable Diesel Power Generators can it run on veggable oil?

A diesel engine can run on any oil,even lube oil

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Service as power generators in Winter 1998

During the winter of 1998, a severe ice storm cut off power to many homes and businesses in Ontario and Quebec. CN M-420 3502 was hoisted off the rails by crane and rolled along a street in Boucherville QC in order to provide power in the community. The engine was driven approximately 1,000 feet (305 m) under its own power to the city hall, where it then became a portable power generator. M-420 3508 was also lifted from the tracks to provide power to a school being used as a shelter, but problems prevented this from happening, and 3508 remained on standby. Both engines suffered minor gear case damage and carved grooves in the pavement

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Why do they not make a Electric powered generator which can produce more power the nit uses so it can be self sufficient and sustaining?

Where did you learn science? Some bible school? Ever hear of Physics and Isaac Newton's laws?

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Where does one buy powerful Industrial strength power generators capable in powering a town?

Go to websites for the following companies: Fiat-Allis Westinghouse Caterpillar Cummins Kohler United Technologies-Pratt & Whitney Siemens Allied Signal Hitachi These folks, merge, consolidate, etc. so the list is changing, but even the few hits from this list will put you on the right track. Search for "steam turbine" and "gas turbine".

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