Confusion of LED Drive Power Engineer

What is the current situation of LED lighting? That is, the people who start LED lighting now basically want to try, or want to invest little money, recover it immediately and make money. Many people who make finished products, the so-called small investors, come in after hearing that the profits of LED lamps are high. They don't want to make large investment. They just want to buy some accessories, simple assembly and make profits immediately. This is the current situation, which determines that they don't want to make long-term investment now. Even if the power supply, they don't want to spend much money to order one, Just want to spend one, two hundred, or dozens of yuan at a time to buy some ready-made lamps. Try them. If you can sell them, you can't sell them. Just turn around. Of course, more customers want some, a small number or samples, that is, this kind of rapid assembly. This is also the root cause of the endless problems of LED lamps. It is because of impetuosity. You need to know how long it takes for a truly mature product and how many procedures to be certified, but they can't wait. They need to make a profit immediately. Basically, there are only those kinds of light sources. They are universal, but they need all kinds of power supplies. That's why it's just like the fire driven by LED. It's just the proofing fire, because others just want samples and won't have subsequent orders. They just buy a few and won't pay attention to you in the future.

It is precisely because of this situation that the limitation of LED driving power supply is a dilemma. One of the difficulties is immeasurable. At present, a few manufacturers may have a little quantity, but the manufacturers who really have a little quantity are all long-term investment psychology, that is, long-term. The driving power supply, which is an accessory related to the life of the product, is made by themselves. They do not outsource. Who are the outsourcers, that is, those who only want short-term benefits, Many of them are shooting at a different place, and most of them are unqualified people. They don't understand many technical problems. They just come in when they hear about making money. Of course, they have no strength and can't receive any orders. Therefore, when we do LED drive power supply, we can only meet some retail investors who have no strength and qualification. There will be no orders. The second dilemma is that it is changeable. It is precisely because there is no quantity that it is changeable. Everyone puts forward their own specifications and wants you to meet them quickly. Moreover, he is not willing to give development fees. He gives dozens or 100 yuan at a time and just wants to buy a few samples. However, due to his urgent needs and so many types and specifications, the products you give him are certainly difficult to do, and there is no problem at all. Because the cycle is short, the verifiable time is short. After such things go out, there will be more or less problems. On the other hand, because those unqualified people have a low level and their level is very limited, they often have problems with the product for their own reasons or do not understand, and the first thing to rely on is your power supply. I met a man who sold him a non isolated and step-down power supply, 34 series and 2 parallel. He said that one string was open and the other string was on. This was the problem of the power supply. I told him that the LED quality was poor and the open circuit was caused. He still said that he had sent it to the authoritative department for testing, and it was detected that it was the problem of the power supply. What's more funny is that under the same brightness, the heat of other people's power supply is less than that of my power supply. This is a more ridiculous logic, that is, the same brightness must be the same current, and the same current flows through the LED. How can the LED have different heating degrees? Therefore, those who do LED power supply can now face those unqualified people. They certainly don't have any big orders. Maybe they will give you trouble at that time. A lot of energy is consumed in talking to them. This is the biggest dilemma of doing LED lighting at present.

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