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* Leave your footprint, not a carbon imprint * Vegan slides, sandals and slip-on shoes for the summer * Designed for movement; hiking, running and water activities Vegan and eco-friendly attire and footwear are on the rise as brands acknowledge consumer's interests in more sustainably-minded products. From travel backpacks made with recycled materials to eco-conscious smartphone cases, there are many ways to shop more conscientiously. But it becomes a tricky balance when you want to invest in environmentally sensitive everyday items but you also need them to be high-quality, durable and fit your needs for an active lifestyle. We rounded up these four pairs of shoes featuring slides, sandals and slip-on styles that are all made with animal-free materials and eco-textiles. The best part is that they are designed specifically for a rugged outdoor life so they can handle river trips, long runs in the city, rocky trailheads and beach excursions. There is a style for every type of trip you are planning this spring and summer, and you can feel extra good about your purchase because of the low-impact these shoes have on the planet. Teva makes some of the most well-known outdoor shoes on the market because they have been tried and tested for years to stay on your feet during adventures and last for years even on the most aggressive terrain. Their line of vegan and cruelty-free sandals and shoes are made without harming any animals and the brand hopes to continue making more styles with this ethos in mind. This pair of sandals are made with a thick rubber sole that is super comfortable and has enough traction to give you support on rocky trails, while the polyester straps are quick-drying and adjustable for a custom foot feel. For the avid runner who has been waiting for the weather to turn the slush on the streets to open, clean concrete, these lightweight trainers are for you. The Vivobarefoot brand makes travel-ready footwear that is both easy to pack and supports important parts of the foot while active. This design is made with a breathable mesh across the foot, adjustable laces and are completely vegan. The foam insole protects the foot while running but still gives users the feeling that they are running barefoot, which means room for toes to spread out and your foot to naturally respond to the ground below. These hemp shoes from Sanuk are the perfect eco-friendly piece of footwear for those who appreciate the long-lasting features of this plant-based material and want a lightweight shoe to run around in all summer long. Their Sidewalk Surfer shoe is exactly that, meant for the beach-comber who needs a comfortable and cool style to keep up with surf trips and walks from the beach to the bar. Designed with handmade hemp, a lined in-sole and a non-microbial treatment to keep shoes fresh even after wet feet have put them to good use.

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1. r/festivals - Rainy festivals: best footwear option

What is your footwear of choice when it comes to muddy, rainy festivals? The goal is to have warm, dry feet for the entire time at the festival. Just to be clear: we are talking really bad weather with multiple days of rain. Also a disclaimer: I have not tested every option in detail, so it will be interesting to hear from those of you who have tried one of the following options: None Barefoot: absolutely no fun. You've got broken bottles, cigarette stubs, ticks, other people's boots all trying to ruin your day. And even if you avoid all of those, there's still cold feet, bruised skin, blisters, torn toenails and very likely a cold to deal with. I would also add sandals to this category, since they do not offer too much protection. None Sneakers: wear a pair of beaters and trash them afterwards. Still leaves you with cold feet and if it's your only pair, a mild version of trench foot. None Plastic covers: look weird, are likely to get torn and do not have any traction. None Surfer shoes: Just for the sake of completeness. These also look out of place, but are light-weight (neoprene) and have decent traction (rubber profile soles). Unless you also surf frequently, also a questionable investment. None Waterproof socks: worn with any footwear of choice (e.g. canvas sneaker). Expensive (e.g. Sealskinz) and reviews are very mixed for most of them. Some say they still eventually leak. Either way, you would end up buying at least another backup pair. Unless you are also going to use them for hiking, not really a good investment. None Leather boots: even if you apply a load of Obenauf LP to them in advance, a muddy, rainy festival just seems to be the quickest way to completely ruin a pair of good boots. Also heavy, bulky etc. None Hiking boots: Very comfortable, mostly waterproof with decent breathability. But usually bulky and heavy (not good for traveling or dancing). Only worth buying if you also hike a lot. None Wellington boots: very bulky and heavy. However, there are versions out there that roll up/fold and are adjustable around the calves. Definitely the most waterproof variant but depending on the mud, you can also get stuck easily. Quick and easy to clean. Decent breathability, if you wear wool socks. Harder to find a well-fitting pair and less comfort compared to lace-up boots, because they do not conform to your feet. But let's face it, no matter which ones you get, you look like Paddington bear or a farmer. Also, pretty useless for dancing. And finally, in my opinion the best option: None High-top canvas sneakers: Almost everyone already has a pair (chucks, vans, etc), they come in all shapes/forms/sizes, are super cheap ($20), light-weight, compact, easy to wash, dry quickly, ok for dancing, can also be worn with shorts and are the least eyesore compared to most of the options above. However, you need to wear this combination to have a waterproof pair: thin wool socks (breathability), then a pair of tearproof plastic bags and finally a pair of thin wool socks. Laces should be long enough to wrap them around the top of your shoe to keep everything in place. Alternatively, get a pair of compression straps to wrap around your calves. Since most people already have most of the above at home, I would consider this variant also quite cheap. The only catch to me seems to be really deep puddles (which can be avoided) and spending a little more time getting the shoes on/off.

2. Do basketball shoes help increase your vertical?

Haha. Its an easy question. If you have heavy shoes then you wo not get as high, but if you have lighter shoes like kobe's then it may be easier to reach the rim. Shoes dont increase your vertical unless there moonboots

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3. Would you purchase used Timberland boots?

Probably not...nI am a big fan of second hand items in general but shoes are something that is a bit too personal.Having said that, I used to buy second hand army boots from the army surplus store and I can't really think of much difference.Take a look at the boots, make sure you are happy with their condition. nMake sure you know the retail price of this model to see if the price is realistic.This really is a question that only you can answer, how do you feel about wearing someone else's shoes?Would you purchase used Timberland boots?

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