Are There Any Comfortable Business Dress Shoes?

Just get ur Favorite dress shoes and add inserts to get comfort. the Dr. S ones are realy good.

Are There Any Comfortable Business Dress Shoes? 1

1. what dress/shoes should i wear to a high school dance?

in my opinion do not wear a strapless dress. wear a skinny strap dress that goes to your knees maybe and matching high heels if you can. ummm... try a bracelet but NOT a bangle. a necklace that is sort of the same colour. umm...a ring... and nice ear rings. good luck and have fun!!!

2. what should i get to go with my prom dress(shoes, jewlery) and what should i do with my hair..Picture included

Aww, that's really pretty!!! I would go with a bare neck because of the brooch and an simple yet elaborate bracelet. Then for shoes i would get a pair of strappy silver heels. And i love the hair that's in the picture. something like that! Maybe with a half updo

Are There Any Comfortable Business Dress Shoes? 2

3. Is the knee skirt - white tights - lace-up dress shoes a good combination ? do you ever wear that ??

I've worn something like that before, not a knee skirt though. Shorter than that

4. Do you think it would be ok to wear flip-flops to a job interview?

I can understand your delemma because alot of people just dont have the money to go out and buy new shoes but in this case i would try and borrow a pair of dress shoes. I agree with the outher answerer that they may think you just dont care how you look when trying to get the job. good luck

5. most comfortable dress shoes as shown on Oprah this week?

I posted about it on my blog along with where to buy them they are from cole haan Ask anyone in the marketing biz, and they will tell you that getting onto the Oprah show is the holy grail of product endorsement. Today, prepare to be Oprahsuaded* that you NEED a new pair of shoes. Apparently, per, "Oprah has been keeping a painful secret. Until now, few have known this very private truth...her feet hurt!" Gordon Thompson III, Executive Vice President/Creative Director of Cole Haan will be on air explaining the inspiration and design behind the state of the art high heel, the Nike Air Dress Collection. The collection of pretty pumps, including these classic maryjanes (which SheFinds is already a huge fan of), eliminates the need to sacrifice style for the sake of comfort. Or vice versa. This miraculous feat is accomplished by utilizing the Nike Air Sole, a sole so comfortable, you may have to fight the urge to join a pick up game of basketball while wearing your business suit.

6. Why do Asian women walk so weird when wearing high heels or dress shoes?

Because they are still only half civilised. In their own country most people go barefoot or wear sandals made from tyres

7. Ladies what is your favorite type of dress shoes?

Nothing can beet a cute skimpy cocktail dress and a nice pair of heels, Heels DO HURT US but we have smaller feet and where used to it =) some heels r actually comfy

8. is it okay for me to wear an ivory dress to my daughters first communion?

No, it is like wearing white to a wedding. Leave that for the bride, or in this case, your daughter. A child's first communion ceremony is a very important part of their development in Christianity, and a proud moment for parents. The young girls will be wearing white dresses, and the boys will be wearing suits or tuxedos. The ceremony will take place in a church, and the parents need to dress accordingly. Although the parent is not the one on display, it's important to set a good example and to respect the ceremony taking place before God. Women should wear a pair of dress slacks, a dress or a skirt -- formal khaki pants are acceptable. The skirt or slacks should be paired with a blouse or blazer. The shirt should not be revealing or inappropriate in any way. Dress shoes with a pair of nylons or stockings should be worn on the feet. Tasteful jewelry can be used to accessorize. If there is medical condition or temporary reason why you are unable to dress accordingly, do your best to compensate. Black nylon exercise pants will go over casts and braces, or a baggy pair of khakis. People with feet issues can wear black or brown tennis shoes if unable to put feet into dress shoes. If coats are inappropriate, hang them at the door on your way in. Try your best to make due with the clothing you have to look suitable on this important day.

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