Any Funny Public Bathroom Stories?

i went to eat with my mom at a chinese restaurant and i went to the bathroom when i left the stall beside mine i could see the shoes of the person in there = the same shos as my mom had on i knocked and said i know your in there the lady says who are u looking for i said ya ok mom ( it was loud in there i couldnt hear her voice clearly. then i start acting like im picking the lock and the lady goes honey who are u looking for im like mom come on i wanna go shopping then the bathroom door opens and its my mom coming to make sure im ok the lady opens the stall and says what is your... and i ran out with my mom lol soooo embarrasing.

Any Funny Public Bathroom Stories? 1

1. Embarrassed to use the bathroom in new apartment?

Try putting toilet paper down the toilet before you go, it helps mask the sound. Do a number two right before you go in the shower, and turn on the water whilst doing so! Maybe turn on the tap when you pee, to cover the sound. Since you are both shy, I suggest that you just put on some music or something. But overall, try not to worry. Everyone does this, it's natural! :)

2. need help with color ideas for bathroom, it has burgundy counter top, help?

i would paint the walls white, or antique white. anything else might make the room look smaller. as far as cupboards go, maybe a lighter shade of burgundy? you would have to work it in with the colour of your tiles, or flooring.

Any Funny Public Bathroom Stories? 2

3. Why is the honorific o used for the bathroom?

Do you mean o-cha instead of o-chai?Also, 'o' can definitely be used with "o-tearai". For the longest time, I had only heard it said that way and did not realize you could drop the 'o'. In the case of o-tearai, as in other cases, it is being used to make the utterance more polite. The talk about holiness in the first link is kind of distracting from the fact that 'o' just makes speech sound more polite or refined. It certainly would not mean "holy-vagina", and o-manko is still not considered polite. Honestly, I am not sure if people would also just say "manko" or if differentiating between the two would make a difference. I think you should just rephrase "Is it sometimes used to soften things that are somehow would irty'" to "It is used to soften things". Dirty things are no exception.There's some history behind it that I do not really know enough abuot to get into, so I will leave that for someone else

4. replacing bathroom tiles?

YES YOU should just to take the safety precations

5. Why does my cat meow when I go to the bathroom?

With the experience we've had with friend's cats and our own, you might want to have a urinalysis done on your cat. It may be that he has a UTI and is meowing to let you know that something is wrong. UTI's for cats can be very painful and if left untreated can cause other serious problems. However, if he gets tested and comes out with a clean bill of health, I would say your cat is just a weirdo and there's probably not much to worry about, but that is ONLY if he's been taken to the vet and had some tests done. Hope your kitty feels better!

6. Smoking in a hotel bathroom?

run the hot water in the shower and the steam will weigh the smoke down

7. How can I tell if there's a hidden camera in my bedroom/bathroom?

If theres any stuffed animals check their eyes, those are the key thing people put cameras in. if you find one just put a towel or somehting over it when you use the bathroom

8. seashell themed bathroom?

A tan wall (sand). seashells, starfish, sea coast ball, sand citadel, picnic blanket, umbrella A blue of quite a few blues going into blue sky. wall (ocean). fish, boats, seagulls, mermaid, bubbles, (shark?), surf board

9. Cat uses the bathroom everywhere.?

At 12 years sick seems more likely then lazy. See a vet, urinary infections and other serious problems can cause loss of bladder control. Also cats are very good at hiding pain, just because he does not look it does not mean he is not arthritic. If your vet rules out illness you might try bribing him to use the box, this only really works if you've only got one cat and he still uses the box sometimes. Keep a small bag of treats near the box and every time he uses it give him one, it should not take long for him to get that using the box=treat and that should make him use the box as often as possible.

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