10 Best Nike Shoes of All Time

Nothing makes you move as fast as a pair of good shoes. And when it comes to comfort and style, there's hardly any brand that can beat Nike. Ever since its inception in 1972, this name has been revolutionizing the footwear industry with products that are better than their predecessors. Fancy taking a look at some of the best produced shoes by the Swoosh? Here you go! We bring to you ten best Nike shoes of all time. From Air Jordans to Air Maxs - here's what makes the sneaker aficionados keep falling for the brand. For a detailed comparison of the best Nike shoes, we would recommend you to check RepublicLab.com. And you would love that you did! For now, let's take you to the world of Nike's best of the bests. The first ever basketball shoe to boast the Nike Air technology, AF 1 was introduced in 1982. And since then, there's been no looking back. It has transitioned well over the years, and you can get this pair with features that are hard to miss. From low to mid and high top styles, AF 1 is what almost every sneaker lover aspires to have. With crisp leather edges that create a much more streamlined silhouette and padded collar that provides unmatched comfort - it's the footwear that's meant for traction and stability seekers. Released in April 1985, the iconic black and red Air Jordan made a stunning pair of shoes. Donned by none other than the football legend Micheal Jordan, it's a legacy and nothing less. Excellent in looks, comfort, and design, this product was durable to the core. No wonder why MJ could not help himself but wear it, even after getting fined $5,000 per game he wore it. It made history and started an era of Jordans. The AJ 1 continues to be a footwear staple with its updated versions, and rightfully so. When Tinker Hatfield designed this pair of shoes, who would have thought that it's going to be a marvel. Debuted in 1991, the Nike Air Huarache became a blessing for athletes. The lining was so designed that it perfectly molded to the shape of the foot and ankle of the wearer. That's what the foam sole with encapsulated Nike Air cushioning offers - absolute comfort. From the basketball courts, it reached the city streets pretty quick, thanks to its great looks. No wonder why it's hailed as a sneaker essential to date! Another masterpiece from Tinker Hatfield, this shoe was designed to perform not just on the courts but in the gym as well. Powered by the brand's much-acclaimed Air technology, this one was all about style and comfort. It featured a higher cut and lateral outrigger to provide support and stability like no other footwear. And its foot-securing strap ensured that the forefoot lock down gets increased along with the lifted heel. When a shoe has the term 'classic' in its name, it has to be this awesome. Designed by Bill Bowerman, the Classic Cortez made an entry into the world of sneakers in 1972. And we can not thank him enough for this invention. With leather and synthetic leather construction, it meant serious usage with assured long-term durability. Either get it for its foam midsole that provides lightweight cushioning or the rubber outsole that comes with herringbone pattern for traction, this one is a must-buy for everyone looking for a serious training shoe. Adorning the brand's excellent Flyknit construction, the Air VaporMax Flyknit 3 changed the game of running. From amazing looks to a breathable fit - this pair offers everything to the lovers of running. VaporMax Air technology ensures lightweight responsiveness. And the Flyknit upper makes sure that good support and unbeatable stretch become your next best friends. With its springy bounce, it has become a favorite of runners worldwide and continues to make new fans every day. Tinker Hatfield can never go wrong with his designs. Can he? Well, the Air Jordan 3 validates the fact that this architect surely understood shoes better than anybody else. Adding his genius to the budding Jordan legacy, Tinker gifted one of the best basketball sneakers to us. Being Michael Jordan's third signature basketball shoe, it carved a niche in the industry in no time. Released in 1988, this shoe was the first AJ to feature the soon iconic Jumpman logo and is still one of the hottest selling sneakers from the brand. Another one from Tinker Hatfield's arsenal, the Air Max 1 is believed to be inspired by Hatfield's admiration for the Pompidou Centre in Paris, France. It was crafted with a visible air pocket in the heel, showcasing Nike's revolutionary Air-Sole unit which was actually invented in 1978. Although the Air Max 1 was released in 1987, the visible air in its heel was a first ever revelation of the ground-breaking Air-Sole unit. When the comfort and style offered by the Air Max 1 get accentuated with interesting colors, increased air bubble size and midsole, you get a pair of Air Max 90 shoes. Again, crafted by none other than Tinker Hatfield, the Air Max 90 features some incredible mechanisms like the unique lacing system, the large Nike Air heel cap, brilliant colorways. With their lightweight cushioning and stunning color combinations, these next-generation Air Max shoes have become a favorite of many athletes and collectors across the globe. This pair never fails to turn heads with its futuristic looks. The rubber outsole, along with herringbone pattern of this footwear, offers multidirectional traction for optimal footwork seekers. Featuring a streamlined upper that's absolutely lightweight and responsive cushioning, it's a boon for athletes and fashionistas alike. And its Zoom Air technology provides responsive, low-profile cushioning too. So, these are some classic sneakers from the house of Nike. Which one from these do you own? Add your favorite shoes from this wonderful brand to this list. We would love to read about your cherished possessions bearing the Swoosh. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE:

10 Best Nike Shoes of All Time 1

1. Ultimate guide to men's summer suede shoes

Suede and nubuck shoes offer an excellent alternative to leather, lifting the tone of your smart-casual wardrobe and lending dapper dressers a stylish touch of texture and flamboyance. Here are some of our most popular summer suede shoes along with handy style tips on how to wear them... Suede is a napped leather made from the underside of the animal skin. Though not as durable as traditional leather, modern treatments and protective sprays make suede shoes and boots easy to protect from water and stain damage. Usually dyed, suede offers a textured finish that's colourful and full of character. The last thing you need when the weather is warm and sunny, is to force your feet into heavy winter shoes. That's why we've come up with a lightweight alternative. With grippy rubber soles that weigh just half as much as their standard rubber counterparts, these shoes offer comfort and durability while providing you with all the style and poise you are looking for. Fancy a natty pair of lightweight suede shoes this summer? Available in navy, sand, and tan, these shoes look fantastic with chinos, a white cotton shirt and navy twill jacket. Or dress down a little with a weekend shirt and a cotton-cashmere sweater. Crepe sole suede boots trace their origins back to the Egyptian bazaars of the Second World War era when British officers found they made an excellent alternative to their heavy standard army issue boots. The desert boot has undergone a considerable degree of refinement since that time, and now, this smart-casual staple is a must have for every well-dressed man's summer wardrobe. Wear your lightweight crepe sole desert boots with jeans, summer moleskins, linen trousers, or chinos - the choice is yours. These boots really are very versatile and, because they are available in tan, grey and navy, they offer the perfect opportunity to add a colourful accent to your outfit. Try grey crepe sole boots with stone summer-weight chinos and a blue check weekend shirt. Feeling the sun? Top with a jaunty Ambassador hat. Made famous by the Beatles, Chelsea boots are a British style icon, and now you can wear them in suede too. With their Italian calf-leather uppers and Goodyear welted construction, a pair of suede Chelsea boots offers superb quality and a tactile, approachable alternative to the usual black or brown leather finish. Wear your suede Chelsea boots with summer-weight moleskins and a summer tweed jacket. Available in blue, brown, tan and black suede, you could also try our new summer Chelsea boots, featured above. Made from smart navy suede and finished with lightweight crepe soles - they are perfect with indigo jeans for a night out. There was a time when we would rather suffer an amputation than advocate the use of trainers for anything other than the gym. But all that has changed with the advent of suede trainers which offer an excellent way to add a touch of class to your casual outfits. Choose from tan, navy, or grey - all come with colour-matched lacing and smart white soles. Wear your suede trainers with jeans and a bright weekend shirt or, for a more dressed-down look, opt for a short sleeve cotton pique polo or long sleeve cashmere polo. Suede trainers also look fab with shorts and a bold printed linen shirt. Invented by yachtsman John Sperry of Connecticut in 1935, deck shoes were designed as a practical solution to the problem of slippery boat decks. After a spell as the US Naval Academy's shoe of choice for off-duty cadets, deck shoes quickly gained popularity among US college students after the war. Deck shoes soon spread to the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, offering both a no-nonsense safety shoe for boaters, and a smart-casual shoe for men ashore. Wear a pair of these super lightweight nubuck deck shoes with shorts, a printed linen shirt and a smart Panama hat. Suede really does add an extra dimension to your summer wardrobe. How do you like to wear your suede shoes? We would love to hear from you - just drop us a line via our Facebook page.

2. Customized Canvas Shoes, what kind of paint?

To customize shoes, use fabric paint. It's meant to bend around, so it wo not crack, unless it's been in use for a few years. Fabric paint can be bought at JoAnn's, Michael's, or just about any craft store. Be prepared to use 2 brushed per color, you can not really reuse brushes after the paint dries, and it's not easily washed off.

10 Best Nike Shoes of All Time 2

3. What should I wear with a baby blue dress?

Wear White :) You should wear light colors if you have light color hair, or blue eyes Wear something in contrast like Yellow, or red, (brown is the best) to emphasize on the blue :) Head bands are a great accessory if the dress is girly. I would accent more on earrings, and shoes. :) hope this helps =]

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